H&R Block At Home deluxe Federal + efile, + State! (Download) $0.01 [INTERMEDIATE]

This is a great deal for those who generally do their taxes at home.  Even for those who dont, you can play around for pretty cheap. Every year, you can usually get the federal for free, but hardly ever will you get the state for free($0.01)

Includes everything in Basic tax returns, plus:

  • Personalized tax guidance
  • Mortgage interest and charitable deduction maximizers
  • Sale of stocks, bonds, and mutual funds
  • Audit support from a tax professional1
  • Easily imports your information from TurboTax® software, H&R Block At Home™ online and software, or from an H&R Block office
  • 1 federal e-file included. State is free!

So here is the deal.  CA software is giving away a FREE copy of the above product with ANY purchase.  They have a piece of software called CA PC Tune UP 3.0.   It costs $0.01 for the first year. 🙂  The ONLY catch in this deal is that when you purchase the $0.01 software, it automatically sets you up for auto renewal for the PC Tune program.(which is like $80 a year, so next year it will auto charge your Credit card)  so we will need to turn that off right away.(super easy!…no really, it is :-))

So this is what we do….

Add PC Tuneup to your cart: HERE

Then add H&R Block: HERE

Checkout and pay the $0.01 for both pieces of software.

You will receive two confirmation email. One of the emails  let you confirm your email account(DONT DO ANYTHING WITH THIS EMAIL. IT WILL ADD YOU TO THEIR MAILING LIST)
You will also get another email that has the download link and the Codes for both Products.   You can download the software at this point!    At the bottom of this email there is a link to disable auto renewal so you don’t get charged for Auto renewal of the CA tune up program next year.  You will need to wait about ten minutes(for the system to process your order), then enter the information they require about the PC Tune UP software . After that, it takes about 5minutes to get a confirmation cancellation email, and you are good to go.  I didnt even install the PC tune Up software, as its not that good.  But we are doing this all for the FREE Tax software!

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