HURRY! $2/1 Diet, Regular or Ten Dr. Pepper, 7-Up, A & W, Sunkist or Canada Dry 12-pks Printable Coupon

On occasion I will send out a post just for one coupon when they are an awesome coupon, and well, THIS is an awesome coupon! It is $2 off One 12 pack Dr Pepper, 7-up, Sunkist or Canada Dry Coupon.  I hope you have a chance to print it out as this coupon will go very quick.


First of all go to the following site, MyLifeMyFlavor.com, And click the following banner on the right hand side of the page.

You need to sign up for these newsletter.  Once you do it takes 12-15minutes for them to send you a special link to your coupon, which you can print 2 per computer.  (I send it to a few of my email addresses)

There are places all the time that have soda 12pack for 3/$10 or 4/$10, or even Albertsons is going to be having a 5/$10!!! sale here in a few weeks.  This coupon makes them FREE then, or just cheap right now.  The expiration date of this coupon is 7/15/13, so there is time!

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