Ibotta. What is it? = FREE Money! & FREE Chapstick Walmart Deal!!

So there is a new company out there called ibotta(ibotta.com).  Its been around for about a month now, so i thought i’d give it some time before i devoted some time towards it.  It appears to be staying around, so now its time to start making best use of it!!

ibotta is a cashback app for Android, iPod and iPad smartphones/devices.  It pays you when you buy certain items at 33(and counting) retailers nationwide, including Target, Walmart, Winco, 7-11, Fred Meyers, Walgreens, Rite Aid, and  many more! You buy the items, use whatever normal coupons you would normally, pay, then using the ibotta app, scan your receipt into the program, and it gives you back money straight into your Paypal account.  So yes this means you need a smartphone and a paypal account. 🙂

You get a FREE $5 for the first deal you do with the app.  So i have a very easy “first deal” to try. I tried one account by going to ibotta.com and signing up.  You do not get the $5 bonus this way.  So i opened another account, and used someone else’s signup link, then did the deal, and the $5 showed up!!   You can use mine signup link if you would like. 😉  Go HERE.

Currently ibotta is giving a $1 of money for buying 1 Green Apple chapstick. They are currently $0.98 at Walmart right now(also around $1 at Walgreens and Target)

So using the ibotta app on my iphone, i loaded the coupon into my ibotta account. VERY EASY!  I then bought one to the Green Apple Chapsticks.  Paid $0.98 OOP.  I then went to my car, scanned my receipt into the app.  The app helps you with every step.  also VERY EASY!  I then scanned the UPC of the chapstick, because it asked me, and boom, accepted!  I got my $5 for first time users, and i got my $1 credit all within about 5 minutes.  I then sent the $6($5 +$1) to my PayPal address, and within a few minutes, my money was there!!! (i could at that point transfer it to my checking account)

There are many good deals to be had with this app, as you can stack these ibotta credits on top of whatever coupons and promotions you would use at the store.  You can withdrawal the money earned in $5+ increments.  But in the last month, I’ve counted at least 8 deals FREE, or close to FREE using these credits that you could have just made money on.  Easily!

So although program is new, there is a fantastic potential for this kind of app, and since I am all about not spending money, one more easy way to make money on top of everything else…even better! 🙂

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