iCare Data Recovery Professional Software-FREE for 48 Hours

Of course i don’t often list programs here, but this is something that everyone should have.  EVERYONE has deleted something they wish they didn’t, and there are MANY programs out there that try to recover files, some kinda work, most really don’t.

This software is actually a well rated program, and its usually $89.99!  We just need to download the program(4megs-ish), enter the universal registration promo key, and voila!

iCare Data Recovery Professional full version free for 48 hours (universal key / no CC / latest version)

Universal Key – 4EAN259JEU44E5ML76AND6O464K7EMMZ

Download –
iCare Data Recovery Professional
What’s Special – Free lifetime upgrade, dynamic disk recovery

Besides all the basic functions, the professional edition adds on new features like free upgrading supported if new version released. It is especially useful when your computer encounters system/disk crashes and you need to reinstall iCare Data Recovery. And it could efficiently retrieve lost files from dynamic disk.

What’s more? It could recover files from formatted drive, RAW file system, drive has not formatted error, RAW drive, undelete files emptied recycle bin, recover files due to partition lost, system crash, software crash, bad boot sector, missing boot sector, bad MBR, $MFT damaged, lost partition table, lost or damaged FAT, virus infections, power failure, and other unknown data loss…

iCare Data Recovery Professional works perfectly with hardware RAID and hard drive, USB drive, SD card, memory card, etc. It provides the comprehensive data recovery solution for computer users.

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