Its BACK! Tide 50oz as low as $1.49 each! @ Safeway [ADVANCED]

Almost a month ago, we had the opportunity to get Tide 50oz for as low as $1.49 each! Well that deal is back for 3 days!  You can refer to the last post for How to Get and Keep the $X/$X discounts. If you don’t have the $5/$20 deal but have the coupons, they come to $2.49 each, still a GREAT price!

Tide Deal Details

  • So to make this deal $1.49 each that requires having the $5/$20 J4U coupon.
  • Tide 50oz are $5.99 through 11/19
  • In todays Sunday Paper Safeway 3day ad is a $3/3 Tide Product STORE coupon.
  • There is a $2/1 Tide product coupon in the 10/27 P&G
  • We can double these coupons

So to trigger the $20 threshold to use the $5/$20 we need to buy 4 of these Tides and any other item worth at least $1.04(if you are using double coupons).

4 Tide 50oz @ $5.99 =$23.96
-$5 Use the $5/$20 J4U coupon
-$3 Use the 3/$3 in-ad store coupon
-$8 Use 4 x $2/1 Tide Coupons 10/27 P&G
-$2 Use 4 double coupons
Final Price=$5.96 for 4(or $1.49 ea)

You also NEED to buy an item worth at least $1.04 in addition to the 4 Tides. Because the $5/$20 J4U coupon will only come off after store coupons. Using the doubles drops us below that $20 threshold. I bought a simple limeade to cover this.

OR lets say you don’t have the $5/$20 J4U coupon, but still have 3 of the $2/1 Tide coupons, it would look like this,

3 Tide 50oz @ $5.99 =$17.97
-$3 Use the 3/$3 in-ad store coupon
-$6 Use 3 x $2/1 Tide Coupons 9/29 P&G
-$1.50 Use 3 double coupons
Final Price=$7.47 for 3(or $2.49 ea)

As you can see this is a really good deal, $2.49 each, even if you do not have the J4U special discounts! Remember you have through this Tuesday to do the deal!


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