Kirkland Ibuprofen 200mg – 1000 Tablets!! $10.49 @ Costco.com

So a few years ago, i put out this deal at the time they were $6 for 1000.  Well, obviously things have went up over the years, but this deal is back, and even at $10.49, its still a GREAT deal.  The shipping is FREE.  If you do not have a Costco Membership, they only charge an extra $0.52 to the order.  Still a Great price!!


So first go HERE, and add the 1000 Kirkland Ibuprofen 200mg bottles(2 x 500 bottle package) product to your shopping “cart” and continue checking out.  It will arrive in about a week!  This supply should last you…well, hopefully you won’t have to worry for a few months. 🙂


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