New $5/$25 Coupon for RiteAid-Good through 10/31

In most of the RiteAid deals i sent i also refer to a $5/$25 coupon.  This coupon is good BEFORE all other coupons are used, once you hit that $25 level.  Its basically FREE  money.  There are 3-5 different versions of this coupon out at any time, Most are expiring at the end of this month!

Here is a new one.  ITs good until 10/31/10.  Its a coupon that can be printed out and used ONCE PER TRANSACTION.  there is no limit on how many transactions you can use this one.  yay!

Here is the Original Coupon that came on a PDF.  EVRA1165_5off_OctoberADA

Here is a version that prints 4 to one page.  saves ink 🙂   5off25 exp10.31 4pp

Print these out and have them handy for all the deals that come out for RiteAid.  I will refer to it often!

*If you EVER have a problem at the store with these scanning, when you goto print make sure the “Actual size” setting is selected and NOT the “Fit to page”, that could effect how the coupon scans.  again, if you have a problem.

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