New Feature – Complete Mobile Rebates in Weekly Match-ups

What are Mobile Rebates?  They are the programs like ibotta, snap and  Checkout51 that allow you do buy certain items and then come home, take a picture of your receipt and that company will send you $X money for buying certain products.  I basically only promote ibotta here, because it was the first one out there and it does not have a high threshold to receive that “cash back” from your transactions. I will start promoting mobisave a little more, because recently they have made their service available to everyone, and you instantly(that day) get your money back when you scan your receipt.  But there are many other programs out there, and its a lot cheaper for Manufacturers to use this kind of service because their overhead is VERY low.

But to keep track of 7 or so services and scanning your receipt in MANY times and keeping track of everything is quite the pain in the butt.  It appears that many have their favorites. Because of that, I don’t generally post Mobile Rebate Only deals because of that fact. I try to post deals that the normal couponer will have success doing, somewhat easily.  But for the rest of you, I put together something that might be a little help to you.

Starting with my Albertsons summary that I will post in a while, I wrote a little program that converts all available Mobile Rebates for Following companies

  • Ibotta             (IB)
  • Mobisave         (MB)
  • Checkout 51     (51)
  • Berry Cart        (BC)
  • Savingstar       (SS)
  • Snap              (SN)
  • Shrink             (SK)
  • Jingit              (JG)

…and will list them with the weekly match-ups.  For instance,

Ajax Dish Soap 12oz,$1
Mobile Bonuses( IB$0.50/1 MB$0.50/1 )
Final Price= $0.5 ea after coupon

So the Mobile rebate line will be in the Green Color.  Notice for this one item that there is a IB $0.50/1  and a MB $0.50/1.  That means there is an available ibotta rebate for $0.50 and a Mobisave rebate for $0.50.  If you move your mouse over(don’t click) each of the links, you will notice the details for each rebate, such as what exact product, when the rebate expires, which stores the rebate will only work at..etc.   For the above example you will see this,

newf2 New Feature - Complete Mobile Rebates in Weekly Match-ups

Is this a perfect system? No. 🙂  But its very hard to keep track of all the Mobile Rebates for individual items.  Plus sometimes they are for VERY specific items.  I will try to weed some of the obvious ones out, but the program I wrote to convert all this to the above details has certain limitations.  But again I think what you will see can be of some help!! 🙂

I can change some of the formatting in the future, or if you think of something that can make this better, feel free to mention it! 🙂

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