New High Value $2/1 Wisk Detergent Coupon + Good Deals! [BEGINNER]

There is a new high value coupon to print out at www.coupons.com! (go to household area, its on the first page)

Its a great coupon to print out.  There is also a Catalina deal on Wisk!  Thats a good thing!  The catalina is printing at all the grocery stores currently in the area(that have a catalina machine). You could just print the coupon out now and hold on for a better deal, the catalina runs until 5/15.  VERY likely the price will come down to make the Wisk FREE/cheaper…the following scenario works today(thru Saturday), and is $1.99 OOP, not a bad price at all!

Fred Meyer(and SOME albertsons) have Wisk priced at $5.99 for 50 oz bottles, and with the new $2.00/1 Wisk coupon that came out today, you can score a bottle for only $1.99 each!

Transaction 1
1 Bottle Wisk 50 oz, $5.99
-$2.00/1 Wisk Printable Coupon
=PAY $3.99, Get back a $2.00 catalina making these only $1.99 OOP!

Transaction 2(since you can print out 2 coupons per computer)
1 Bottle Wisk 50 oz, $5.99
-$2.00/1 Wisk Printable
-$2.00 catalina from Transaction 1
=PAY $1.99, Get back another $2.00 catalina!  (Repeat as many times as you have coupons, if this is a great price point for you)

Again, $1.99 is a very decent price for Wisk.  If the Wisk comes on sale at $4 over the next 3 weeks somewhere, you COULD get this item FREE.  Just print out the coupons SOON, because odds are they  will be gone in 2 or 3 days…..

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