New Monopoly Promo Starting Feb 3th – May 3th 2016 @ Safeway AND Albertsons!!

New Monopoly Promo Starting Feb 3th - May 3th 2016 @ Safeway AND Albertsons!!

Monopoly Shop, Play, Win! Promotion

It’s that time of the year again! This year the Monopoly Shop, Play, Win! Promo is even bigger!  Now that Safeway and Albertsons are owned by the same parent company, this promo will now be at BOTH Stores.  Not only at, There will be ONE Game Board for both stores and the pieces you get at either Safeway or Albertsons will work together!

This Promo starts NEXT week, February 3th and it goes through May 3th, 2016! Again since the scope is much bigger,  there are MANY more Chances to WIN prizes then in previous promotions.

So every time you shop at Safeway OR Albertsons stores you will get a Game Ticket. You will also get an additional “BONUS” Game Tickets by purchasing specially tagged products. Inside game tickets, you will find either a Special Discount Offer, Online Game Code, Instant Win Prize or 2 FREE Game Tickets Coupon PLUS 4 game markers.

Certain game pieces will have a Online Game Code which will be a 12 alpha-numeric code that you will be able to enter in at www.playmonopoly.us.

Here are the categories, plus there are instant win pieces to look for!

  • $1,00,000 Cash (3 Available Prizes)
  • $500,000 Vacation Home (3 Available Prizes)
  • $100,000 Cash or Luxury Car (15 Available Prizes)
  • $50,000 Home Makeover (25 Available Prizes)
  • $35,000 Vehicle of your choice (25 Available Prizes)
  • $20,000 College Tuition (40 Available Prizes)
  • $10,000 Jet Ski (50 Available Prizes)
  • $10,000 Family Vacation (50 Available Prizes)
  • $5,000 Groceries (50 Available Prizes)
  • $5,000 Cash (50 Available Prizes)
  • $2,500 Big Joe Grill & Groceries (75 Available Prizes)
  • $1,500 LED HD TV (75 Available Prizes)
  • $1,000 Cash (100 Available Prizes)
  • $1,000 Grocery Gift Card (100 Available Prizes)
  • $1,000 Weekend Getaway (100 Available Prizes)
  • $500 Spa Treatment (350 Available Prizes)
  • $200 Family Picnic (750 Available Prizes)
  • $200 Cash (750 Available Prizes)
  • $100 Cash (1,500 Available Prizes)
  • $100 Grocery Gift Card (1,500 Available Prizes)
  • $78 Redbox Movies for a Year (1,750 Available Prizes)
  • $50 Grocery Gift Card (5,000 Available Prizes)
  • $25 Cash (10,000 Available Prizes)
  • $25 Grocery Gift Card (10,000 Available Prizes)
  • $25 Gift Card Mall(10,000 Available Prizes)
  • $15 Grocery Gift Card (15,000 Available Prizes)
  • $10 Grocery Gift Card (35,000 Available Prizes)
  • $5 Grocery Gift Card (200,000 Available Prizes)

Here is the front side of the Board.  This year the Game Board looks closer to the actual game!

New Monopoly Promo Starting Feb 3th - May 3th 2016 @ Safeway AND Albertsons!!

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57 comments to New Monopoly Promo Starting Feb 3th – May 3th 2016 @ Safeway AND Albertsons!!

  • gdog

    click on the playmonopolu.us link above!

  • Bre

    I just started playing. The game pieces are no longer distributed as of May 3, 2016, the Board has to be in by May 24th for prize yet if you print a game code form on line you can turn those in up until May 25th. Why if “GAME OVER”.\?

  • Randi

    Has anyone else noticed there’s no space for the cars you can win?

    I received a game piece this morning and don’t have anywhere to put it! (Also, I don’t have the official game board from Safeway, just the one from above, so maybe it’s in the one from the store only?)

  • Mary O

    I went to Safeway & spent $57 but they did not give me any playing pieces.

  • Runk

    Anyone want to trade pieces that they need? I have a full board missing 1 piece on each spot

    • Karasugoi

      Hi Runk

      Would you help us out and let us know the winning spots?
      The ones you are missing are the winning numbers.

      I can send you winners if you want the prizes and will send me cash. You may have to pay tax on some of the winning cards.

  • ladystbg

    how you manage that?

  • just because i can type in numbers does not mean i cannot type in letters whats up with that

  • fadi a salameh

    anyone have A502C

  • Shane Freund

    What is Big Joe Grill and Groceries?

  • I went online to http://www.playmonopoly.us but cannot see where to put in the codes. There is a search box right at the beginning but the codes don’t work there. Can anyone help?

  • Catalysst01

    Does anybody know what some of these actually include? Ie: Family picnic, Big Joe Grill, Family vacation?

  • crazyMom

    When you go to the website you sign up as a new player, unless you have already set up your email and password. Then you just go to ENTER CODES and type in the code.

  • len len

    Runk & Karasugoi,

    I have extra tickets. Let me know what you guys need. Let’s trade if you guys are willing. Maybe we all have the tickets we all need to win! Let me know. I need the $613c and $618 H for the million. If you guys have those, I’m willing to share the prize an you will get your percentage for sharing your tickets.

  • Bryson

    Hey what’s up guys…I recently pulled the Rare A504E piece…I have 4 of the 5 pieces and am now just needing the A502C piece. If anyone has this piece I’d be very interested in a trade or buying it. My email is bryson.cline@yahoo.com
    Thanks a lot!

  • Saurav

    I’ve the following tickets, if you want email me at saurav.chakravarty@gmail.com

    A500A, A501B, A503D
    B507C, B508D, B509E
    C510A, C511B, C512C
    D516B, D518D, D519E
    E521A, E522B, E523C
    F526A, F529D, F530E
    G532B, G534D
    H535A, H536B, H537C
    I539A, I540B, I542D
    J543A, J545C, J546D
    K547A, K548B
    L552B, L553C, L554D
    M555A, M557C, M558D
    N559A, N560B, N561C
    O564B, O566D
    P567A, P569C, P570D
    Q571A, Q572B, Q574D
    R576B, R577C, R578D
    S580B, S581C, S582D
    T583A, T584B, T586D
    U587A, U588B, U589C
    V591A, V593C, V594D
    W595A, W596B, W598D
    X599A, X600B, X601C
    Y604B. Y605C, Y606D
    Z607A, Z609C, Z610D
    $611A, $612B, $614D, $615E, $616F, $617G
    ?619A, ?620B, ?621C, ?623E, ?624F, ?626H

  • Prashanth

    I’ve the following tickets. If you want write to me at prashtiwari@yahoo.com

    E521A (3), E522B (3)
    G534D (2)
    I539A (3)
    Y604B (3), Y605C
    ?612B, ?614D (2), ?617G

  • Rambo

    If any one has $61hh please msg me!

  • alan rodriguez

    im lost. i have 3 of the laat 4 pieces for one prize but i haent entered any codes and threw away the s cald codes that have been with evry stiker ive ised.. i simply have the stikers on the pieces.

    email is lesnar333@gmail.com.. i need one more for the 5 grand n groceies and cash apartt

  • Laurel

    Where do I get a gameboard, like the one above? Is there a place online I can print the both the front and back? I’ve been picking up all the ads from Safeway, but I haven’t seen a gameboard. 🙁 Help!

    • s.s

      ask for one at either mangers desk, customer service, or cashier at any of participating stores; vons, vons pavillions, safeway, albertsons, acme, ect ect ect .. if you write to them with self addressed stamped envelopes handwritten to the address to enter sweepstakes by mail, they with send you back two free games pieces. no limit as long as they are handwritten on both envelopes with your address that matches self addressed stamped envelope and they are requested and received no later than may 3rd.??? not positive about date but read on official rules it tells you everything u need to know.

  • j.c

    Anyone know how the “rare” tickets are distributed? I have had over 200 game pieces so far, and am missing one from each set, lol.

  • jim fryman

    are the tickets only good at pavillions where they were given to us???

  • James

    I have C514E.  I can either sell it, or buy C513D.  Email or text me an offer either to buy, or a price to sell. Texts will get a much faster reply, as I check email once a day.


  • mystatus

    Need the blanks to fill. Ready to sell whole, or pieces or trade.

    $611A $612B —– $614D —– —– $617G —–
    ?619A —– ?621C —– ?623E ?624F —– —–
    A500A A501B —– A503D —–
    —– —– B507C —– B509E
    C510A —– C512C —– —–
    —– D516B —– —– D519E
    E521A E522B —– —– —–
    F526A —– —– —– —–
    —– G532B G533C —–
    —– H536B H537C —–
    I539A I540B —– I542D
    —– —– —– J546D
    K547A —– —– —–
    —– —– —– L554D
    —– —– —– M558D
    N559A N560B N561C —–
    O563A O564B —– O566D
    P567A —– —– —–
    Q571A Q572B —– —–
    —– —– R577C R578D
    —– —– S581C S582D
    —– —– —– T586D
    U587A U588B U589C —–
    V591A —– —– —–
    W595A W596B —– W598D
    —– X600B —– —–
    —– Y604B Y605C Y606D
    Z607A —– —– Z610D

  • I have 2 boards filled up as far as the it can go, of course minus the “Rare” game pieces which are the same across the nation. While you are entering codes on the website, stop and click on the rules and check out rule #13-AlbertSafeVonsonway and affiliates total 19 stores and however many of each there is, are spread throughout 35 States totaling 2299 participating locations! Rule#14-a total of 1,215,498,000 game tickets may be distributed in the participating locations. So rare so rare. Board prizes G thru Z each need just one game piece, how many Rare game pieces for each prize equals the available prizes per prize. A-F,? and $ need 2 game pieces but is one the Rare piece and the other Medium Rare, possibly 3 of the $milion prize to be won=3 rare game pieces, but maybe lots of medium rare pieces to string you along with excitement and hope. Here is the list of rare game pieces needed for G-Z without the numbers for shorter list. Ga,Hd,Ic,Jb,Kc,La,Mb,Nd,Oc,Pb,Qc,Ra,Sa,Tc,Ud,Vb,Wc,Xd,Ya,Zb. Rule#4- prizes A-F are fantasy, the monetary amount will be awarded by check.

  • Samantha T

    I need ?622D and ?625G. If you have them please email me at riggs4sharon@gmail.com (the one I’m in now is my boyfriends account!) thank you, thank you..plus I’ve got lots to trade too!, hit me up!! Samantha from Washington state

  • Autumn A


    Safeway stores WA.Email me – aceofhearts22@gmail.com
    I need $613C and $618H. I have duplicates of $611A and $615E. Lets all help each other out to all win something!

    Need O565C, have duplicates of O563A, O566D
    Need R575A.
    Need S579A. Duplicates of S581C, S582D
    Need H537C, H538D. Duplicates H536B
    Need N560B, N562D. Duplicates N561C
    Need M556B, M557C. Duplicates M555A
    Need Z608B, Z609C.
    Need X600B, X602D.
    Need W596B, W597C.
    Need T583A, T585C.

  • Gina

    I heard the rare ones are not even out yet. Those are the ones I need 🙁
    ?622D ?625G
    $613C $618H
    A502C A504E
    B505A B506B
    C513D C514E
    D515A D517C
    E524D E525E
    F527B F528C

  • Brian

    How many game cards should you expect to get after spending $45.00?

    Is there a certain amount for each card?

    Thanks, Brian.

  • Ricardo

    I HAVE B505A, anyone has B506B and wants to split the prize? text me 510-417-6085

  • joe

    I am just starting out for this sweep, ideas, codes still available,
    should I mail for free codes, check ebay auctions, thanks, Joe in NJ

  • scott

    I Have B505A, B507C and B509E if anybody needs them
    Just let me know

  • Kali

    I ahve pieces that start with a number or a question mark as well as ones that say 10.00 at the top. Does anyone know what this means? There are no places for them on the game board. HELP 🙂

  • Silvia

    Im Silvia I have a lot of tickets to give away! If you could please help me with the once I need thank you!

  • Silvia

    The once I NEED!!
    A502C, A504E
    $613C, $618H
    ?622D, ?627G

  • Dr.Arthur Smith

    When a promotion has a “rare” game piece for even a $5 grocery gift card and an
    individual shopping regularly at Safeway never completes that “easiest” category,
    something is drastically wrong. The marketing firm has done Safeway, Albertson’s etc.
    no advertising favors and will lose some of their current customers to Fry’s and other
    national chains as a result. Shame!

  • Jessica

    Anyone have $613C & $618H ??

  • Gloria Leiter

    My Safeway is out of Monopoy tickets. Great way to run a promotion!

  • D.G.

    everyone has the same missing pieces … for $ and ?, and A thru F, there were 2 “rare” pieces per, and one of those was more rare than the other (e.g. I have A504E, but not A502C — I imagine that’s common)… assume they printed a TOTAL of 3 pieces that had A502C, and unless one of those 3 was noticed, and that person had A504E (or finds someone with it), I guess that prize goes unclaimed… etc…

    On 4/30, I got 87 tickets, and got nothing but duplicates and a few for “2 free ticket” — went back the next day and they were out of tickets … the game ends tomorrow (5/3), so it looks like they were dumping a whole bunch at the end …

    doesn’t matter — if you didn’t get one of the rare ones (listed ad nauseum here and elsewhere), then you’re not gonna win

  • Cherie

    This game was exciting at the beginning . It looks like Safeway and Albertson is running a big fat lie . Unless I see some winners on their websites we have been lied to so we come in to their stores and buy their food and they make more money off of us .Even if they show winners who knows if they are being paid to act like they won . Sorry everyone to be a Debbi downer I just don’t like being played . I need all the same numbers as everyone else . I will share the prize if by a miracle anyone has 613c & 618h &622d&625g and any of the others rare ones . Text me at ???-234-1895 thanks and good luck to people hopefully winning something .

  • CrystalH

    Looking for C513D, F528C & $618H. Willing to split. Please email.me. hooprc5@gmail.com

  • danny

    looking for $613C/$618H.
    I have almost everything except for two things.
    want to trade or sell?
    email pjh8359@gmail.com

  • Michelle

    I just spent 2 hours doing my board and feel I deserve to win something after all that tedious work! I’ll look through my duplicates and offer up anything I have that one of you may need. In the meanwhile, below are the pieces I still need. You can contact me at MichellePiacere@yahoo.com



    A502C, A504E,
    B505A, B506B, B508D,
    C510A, C511B, C513D, C514E,
    D515A, D517C,
    E523C, E524D, E525E,
    H536B, H538D,
    I539A, I541C,
    K547A, K549C,
    O563A, 0565C,
    P567A, P568B,
    S579A, S581C,
    T585C, T586D,
    X601C, X602D,
    Y603A, Y604B,
    Z608B, Z609C, Z610D

  • Trinity


    I have ?622D for the $500,000 vacation home and I’m looking for ?625G. I’m willing to split the prize. 🙂

    I’m also thinking about selling it if I have no one to work with.

    Please e-mail me at trinityxlove18@gmail.com

  • Kristin Bakkerud

    Wow, I thought there was time until late in May to still play. I am disgusyed with all that time spending tearing out game pieces & alphabetizing & playing online. Luckily I only put a few on the gameboard. Used paperclips umtil I would win something. Did mot win anything. Lots of sets less 1. This will be last & only time I play this. What a waste of time.

  • jim bernard

    after spending hundreds in shopping and collecting 500 or ticket, not even a $5 win. shame!!

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