New Printable Coupons 9/3/13 PLUS a new Zip Code Changing Method!

Yay! New Coupons for your printing perusal! Have a quick Glance, and print them now for future use. Remember the Good ones always seem to run out!  The new Zip Code Changing method is highlighted in red!

Here are Two Quick Tips to make printing coupons easier.

  1. When you go to print any, and you want to search for more coupons, you have to scroll down, clicking “Show More Coupons” each time. Here is the tip. Once you click on “Show More Coupons” , before you move your mouse or click any other key, start hitting the “Space bar” Each time you hit it, it opens the next section of coupons. Hitting it 15-20 times will open up basically the whole entire selection! Saves sooooooo much time!
  2. To change Zip Codes easily, First Click HERE. Change the value to the desired Zip Code, and click the “GO” next to it.
  3. Then Select the link below, and you should be able to find the Coupon that is listed!


$1.00 off any 2 COMBOS snacks 6.3oz or Larger $1.50 off CARNATION Breakfast Essentials
$0.55 off any 3 Boxes of KLEENEX Facial Tissue $3.00 off Snowflake The White Gorilla
$1.50 off one Newman's Own Organics K-Cup packs $1.50 off 1 Green Mountain Naturals K-Cup packs
$1.50 off one box of Bigelow K-Cup packs $1.50 off one box of Caribou Coffee K-Cup packs
$1.50 off one Donut House Collection K-Cup packs $1.50 off one Eight O'Clock Coffee K-Cup packs
$1.50 off one box of Snapple K-Cup packs $1.50 off one box of Swiss Miss K-Cup packs
$0.50 off two Armour BreakfastMakers $1.50 off Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup packs
$1.50 off one Celestial Seasonings K-Cup packs $1.50 off any (1) one box of Tully's K-Cup packs
$0.75 off one(1) Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm $1.50 off any one box of Cafe Escapes K-Cup packs
$1.50 off one Green Mountain Coffee K-Cup packs $1.00 off two Armour Active Packs
$5.00 off (1) box NEW Estroven Weight Management $1.00 off any ONE (1) Ocean Nasal Saline product
$1.00 off any one (1) Ensure multipack $1.00 off ONE 64 oz. bottle Mott's Apple Juice
$1.50 off TWO COVERGIRL Nail Products $2.00 off ONE COVERGIRL Blast Mascara
$1.00 off ONE COVERGIRL Lip Perfection Jumbo Gloss $2.00 off ONE COVERGIRL Clean Whipped Foundation
$2.00 off WHEN YOU BUY ANY ONE (1) OLIA Haircolor $2.00 off ONE Pantene Expert Collection product
$3.00 off any Yes To item over $5.00 purchase $2.00 off (one) Curel Intensive Healing Cream
$2.00 off any BIC Razor over $3.99 at Walgreens $0.60 off 3 Green Giant Frozen Boxed Vegetables
$0.60 off 3 Green Giant Seasoned Steamers $1.50 off any Biz Stain & Odor Eliminator Product
$2.00 off Bayer Aspirin product 40ct or larger $0.75 off Mean Green Cleaner & Degreaser Product
$0.75 off any (1) Pine-Sol multi-purpose cleaner $1.00 off ONE (1) 2000 Flushes Toilet Cleaner
$1.00 off (4) UNCLE BEN'S Brand Rice Products $0.50 off Old El Paso Stand N Stuff Soft Tortillas
$0.50 off any Old El Paso Mexican Cooking Sauce $0.40 off SIX CUPS any variety Yoplait Yogurt
$0.75 off 2 Yoplait products $1.00 off FOUR Yoplait Yogurt Multipack
$1.50 off TWIX Cookie Bars and MARS Ice Cream $0.50 off Immaculate Baking Co. Scones or Rolls
$0.55 off ONE Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Good $1.00 off any Monk Fruit In The Raw
$0.75 off one Agave In The Raw Bottle, 18.5 oz $0.50 off three Campbell's Chunky™ Soup or Chilis
$2.00 off any Jif Almond or Cashew Butter $2.00 off Chuggington dvd
$5.00 off Spartacus Blu-ray™ or dvd $0.50 off 2 BOXES any Nature Valley Granola Bars
$0.50 off TWO CANS any flavor Progresso Soups $0.50 off Nature Valley Soft-Baked Oatmeal Squares
$0.75 off THREE PACKAGES Totino's Rolls Snacks $0.75 off 3 LARABAR, UBER, ALT™ OR JOCALAT bars
BOGO FREE Pillsbury Heat-N-Go Mini Pancakes $0.50 off ONE Green Giant™ Veggie Snack Chips
$0.75 off any ONE BOX Fiber One cereal $0.75 off 3 Pillsbury Toaster Strudel, Scrambles
$1.00 off 2 BOXES any flavor General Mills cereals $0.75 off 2 any flavor/variety LARABAR ALT™ bars
$0.50 off 1 BOX Honey Nut Cheerios cereal $0.50 off Original Bisquick or Shake n' Pour
$0.50 off ONE box Fiber One 90 Calorie Products $0.75 off Pillsbury Gluten Free Refrigerated Dough
$1.00 off TWO Pillsbury Refrigerated Cookie Dough $1.00 off 3 boxes of General Mills Big G cereals
$0.75 off any variety Cascadian Farm product $1.00 off 2 DINTY MOORE Beef Stew cans
$0.75 off 2 Betty Crocker Ready to Spread Frosting $1.00 off ONE Luvs Diapers
$1.00 off FIVE Totino's Crisp Crust Party Pizza $1.00 off any ONE (1) Newman's Own Frozen Pizza
$2.00 off BIC Soleil Shave & Trim $2.00 off Citracal Sugar Free Chocolate Chews
$0.50 off SNICKERS or MILKY WAY Brand Bites

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