Nexxus Products as low as $.49 @ Walgreens

We got a new $5/1 Nexxus coupon today!  Along with a decent deal at Walgreens means a GREAT deal that will go all week!  It will go well with all the other good Walgreens Weekly Deals!

Deal Details

So lets first print out our $5/1 Nexxus Coupons.  Just click on that link, and share with friends.  You don’t have to enter anything real in your info, or your friends, its all non-verified. Once you share, you will get a link for the $5/1 coupon.  then you can go back to the Main link above and click on the $4/1 Nexxus Coupon.  You can print 2 of those also.

There are MANY different prices for these items, the cheapest being $10.49.  if you bought 2 of those, your NET price will be $0.49 each!  I chose to get a 2nd little more expensive item, but its up to you what you get.  You can mix&match.  I used one of the $10 RR items today to pay for these.  So my OOP was very low.  But if this is “your” product, odds are any combos over the $10.49 items are a GREAT deal. 🙂

Buy 1 Ultimate Moisture Conditioner 5.1oz, $10.49
Buy 1 Ultimate Moisture Shampoo, $11.49  (=$21.98 total)
-$10 Use 2 x $5/1 Nexxus Coupons
Final Price=$11.98 and get 10000 points!
Final Price after points=$1.98 or $0.99 each


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1 comment to Nexxus Products as low as $.49 @ Walgreens

  • Jessica

    There is also a $2 off suave professional coupon on there. Suave is b1g1 50% off and a $2 up on $6 at riteaid. I don’t know the regular price, but this could be a very good deal.

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