Possible FREE Fresh Express Salad Kits + J4U Shopping Tip @ Safeway

This deal will probably not work for almost anyone else and it expires today, BUT that’s the reason I am writing this post.  So that you can get in on Future deals like this.

J4U Tip

So just to summarize what the J4U program is, its a Personalized Digital coupon system that Safeway uses to get you to shop at their stores more.  It keeps track of what you buy and then either offers you future deals on your most purchased items or on items they want to promote on items you buy.  Which is what we are going to key in on.  Safeway does not personally go through 100’s of thousands of shopping habits and individually decide what promos to give you.  Its all a computer algorithm.  So we are going to use THAT to our advantage.  I am going to show you the FREE Fresh Express Salad deal to make the point.

This week on one of my Safeway Cards I got these Personalized Pricing’s,


Now why did they give me these J4U PP(Personalized Pricing)?  Within the last few weeks, the Fresh Express Salad Kits have been $2.99.  Every month Safeway puts out a Safeway Produce Tony Tantillo Magazine, which you can find in stores.  You can also print it out online, Safeway Tony Tantillo Magazine.  Every other month or so that magazine has $2/1 Fresh Express Salad Kits Manufacturer coupons.  Currently there is that $2/1 coupon in December’s Magazine that good until 1/31/14!!

So Knowing all of this, I bought 2 Fresh Express Salad Kits a few weeks ago, paying $0.99ea ($2.99 – $2/1 coupon), which is still a good price.  But I also know that Safeway was tracking me. 🙂  Low and behold a week or so later, I get the above Personalized Pricing! 🙂  Also I got 10% off Produce coupon from buying them, which comes off when I buy more of these Salad Kits. Personalized Pricings WILL stack! 😉 Now I can print out as many $2/1 coupons as I like, and since they are $1.99 each, then its just unlimited FREE Fresh Express Salad Kits. AND when I buy more of one item(these salads) I will continue to get various awesome Personalized Pricings!

So when ever I know of a great coupon that going to be out for awhile, I will buy that item(if its cheap, 🙂 ), hoping that Safeway will offer me a good to great Personalized Pricing in the Future.  Its almost like clockwork they will, since again, they want to entice you in to the store.  So by planning and looking for patterns in the way the Safeway J4U system works, you can take advantage of better deals at Safeway.



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