Its Really Back! Cheap/Super Cheap Fresh Pork Items @ Winco

Its Really Back!(ish) More Cheap/Super cheap Pork at Winco!!  The other day I posted this deal, and the SECOND I posted it, the coupon ran out!  Its back.  Although the pork people “say” it will last longer this time, I would not wait tooo long!

People who don’t coupon say you can never get great deals on meat and veggies. Well today we get a Fantastic deal on meat. This coupon comes out because of National Pork Month….October!! 🙂 So Why not print this coupon out ASAP, because although this deal is for Winco, this Pork coupon can be used ANYWHERE!! 🙂

Deal Details

This deal is easy! Print out the coupons, get Cheap pork. I printed out 2 coupons, and bought 2 different fresh Pork Items below. So after coupon the Chops were $2.15 (or $1.10/lb) and the Pork Loin was $2.21 originally – $2 coupon=$0.21!!! 🙂 I have used this coupon on Bacon before. This coupon was beepless on these items!!! 🙂

Buy a Fresh Pork Item, $0-$??
-$2 Use the NEW $2/1 Fresh Pork Products Coupon
Final Price=$? after coupon


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