{RESET} FREE/Cheap Hormel Always Tender Pork @ Winco

For some reason basically ALL the have RESET this evening.  This one of course being one of the better ones!  Hurry and print 2 more per computer(or 4 per mobile device!!!) 🙂


People who don’t coupon say you can never get great deals on meat and veggies. Well today we get a Fantastic deal on meat. Over the last few weeks we have had a Great Hormel coupon. Another person reminded me today on a Fantastic way to use this coupon, which gets us FREE or really cheap Pork!

Deal Details

  • We have a Great $2/1 ALWAYS TENDER® product (Change zip to 77477)
    • First Click on the Change zip link, and enter the zip code. You may have to click the little blue arrow twice to get it to “stick.” Then come back and click on the Main Coupon Link above! 🙂

FREE/Cheap Hormel Always Tender Pork @ Winco

So the main brand Winco carries for ALL their Pork products IS “Always Tender Pork.” As you can see on the left hand corner of each of the packages above. That means that basically any cut of pork you want you can use this coupon. I printed out 4 of the coupons, and bought 4 different cuts. I was going for cheapest, so i purposely bought the closest to $2 as I could, as to keep by OOP as low as possible. My store did not have any $1.75-$2 packages today, but many stores do, so you truly can get the meat for FREE! I spent around $3.50 for over 6lbs of Pork! I know I could have gotten closer to $0, but I wanted the small little roasts, which cost me $2.18 🙂


Thanks FrugalLivingNW for the reminder!

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