Reworked Deal – Cafe Escapes K-Cups as low as $2.48 each @ Safeway

So after a good hour or so, I kind of re-thought this deal.  I think the new scenario is MUCH easier and cheaper and much less OOP!

So if you have not heard every one has a Keurig Coffee maker or the like, and its the best thing since sliced bread, so they say. I guess I am the only one on earth that doesn’t have one yet, and perhaps im too cheap to get one. 🙂 BUT for all you “normal” people out there, the following deal should be a great deal for these 2 kinds of coffee. I have NOT fully tested this deal, because, well, refer to above, But others have gotten the $6 OYNP on this deal, so I am fairly confident in its results.

Deal Details

  • The Cafe Escapes are on sale for $6.99 WYB 5
  • There is a $2/1 K-Cup Coupon (Cafe Escapes) 8/18 SS
  • There is a Cafe Escapes Catalina Promo that start TODAY

9/9 – 10/6 | Cafe Escapes K-Cups packs
Buy (1) = $2.00 OYNO
Buy (2) = $4.00 OYNO
Buy (3) = $6.00 OYNO

  • We can double the 8/18 SS K-Cup coupons!

So since these are also on the Buy 5 Save $5 Promo, and we only need to buy 3 Cafe Escapes to get the $6 OYNP Catalina, then lets just buy 3.  That means we need to buy 2 other “Buy 5 Save $5 Promo” items.  Which we could do the Glade Candle deal (Buy 2 for $0.50 NET) that I posted this morning, or the Tide to Go Pads (Buy 3 for free) from the other day.

So Buy 3 Cafe Escapes K-Cups @ $6.99 =$20.97
Buy 3 Tide to Go Stain Pads @ $0.99 =$2.97
-$6 Use 3 x $2/1 K-Cup Coupon (Cafe Escapes) 8/18 SS
-$3  Use a 3/$3 Tide Coupon 9/1 P&G
-$1.50  Use 3 double Coupons
Final Price=$13.44 for all and get the $6 OYNP Catalina back
Final NET Price=$7.44 for 3 Cafe Escapes packs or $2.48 ea($0.21 per cup) -(the tide pads are free)



There are also $1.50/1 Printable Coupons if you don’t have that many $2/1 K Cup Coupons. Obviously The price will be $0.50 more per package you buy, but still a great deal.


$1.50 off any one box of Cafe Escapes K-Cup packs $1.50 off one Celestial Seasonings K-Cup packs

$1.50 off any (1) one box of Tully's K-Cup packs

Plus some other K Cup Coupons if one of the following are one of “your” brands. 🙂

$1.50 off one Newman's Own Organics K-Cup packs$1.50 off 1 Green Mountain Naturals K-Cup packs $1.50 off one box of Bigelow K-Cup packs $1.50 off one box of Caribou Coffee K-Cup packs $1.50 off one Donut House Collection K-Cup packs $1.50 off one Eight O'Clock Coffee K-Cup packs $1.50 off one box of Snapple K-Cup packs $1.50 off one box of Swiss Miss K-Cup packs $1.50 off Barista Prima Coffeehouse K-Cup packs

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