Safeway Gas Rewards-Use NOW at Chevron & Texaco!

Now it may seem like I am advertising for Safeway or something, but I am not.  I just learned about this, this week, and its something that I’m glad I know about, and perhaps you may benefit also.

For the last many years Safeway has offered Gas Rewards for every dollar you spent.  BUT in the Portland area, using these points, meant you had to drive into Tigard to use them, not very inconvenient.

Now, within the last week or so, Safeway has made using their Gas Rewards SO much easier.  You can go to any Chevron or Texaco station, give them you’re Safeway Card(or they can manually enter your card # or Phone Number), Tell them how much gas you want, and they can use your Safeway Gas Rewards to Save up to $1 per Gallon!

I did this yesterday, gave them my Safeway card, and my Safeway Card had $0.30/per gallon worth of points on it. It reduced the “per” gallon cost….voila!  Worked perfectly like it should!  Go to the Gas Station Locator to find the nearest participating Gas Station.

Here is the basic overview of how you can earn Safeway Gas Rewards.

Now the part that interests me, is that as you know, I try to keep my OOP down to nothing BUT I can still earn points.  Various Manufacturer Coupons and Various J4U Coupons count towards these totals.  Such as last week, getting the 10 bags of chips for $0.55, I earned 10 points for that transaction.

The way the points work, is you can MAX out at $1 per gallon when you earn that much, and you have until the next calendar month to use these points(One time use 🙂 ). So if on June 1st I gain 100 points($0.10/gal), I have until July 31st to use that $0.10/gal. If on July 1st I gain another 100 points($0.10/gal), I have $0.20/gal until July 31st(and $0.10/gal until Aug 31st).

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