Safeway Online Ordering -CHEAP deals!! @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

Ive sent out emails before singing the praises of the online ordering through safeway, but over the last year, ALL the great deals just stopped. This week they are back again!!  ENTER SITE HERE!

Its a Code for $15 off $50 + FREE SHipping,the coupon code CJSAVINGS to get $15 off plus FREE shipping (-$15).  this code expires 12/31 so we have time, and its once per account! 🙂
What makes this great is that B1G1 items count towards the $50.

What that means is that, if a item was $2.50 and was B1G1 you could get 20.
20x$2.50 =$50 and then once the B1G1 is applied your total would be $25. apply the $15 off code and get free shipping, so you would get “$50” worth of stuff for $10 delivered to your door.

Here are the current items that happen to be B1G1
* Better Oats
* Jimmy Dean Sausage
* Pillsbury and Betty Crocker Frosting
* Fresh Express Salads
* La Victoria
* Swanson Broth (32oz)
* Hefty One Zip
* Nature Made Vitamins
* Hebrew National
* Jimmy Dean Sausage
* Oscar Mayer Lunchmeat
* Gold Medal Flour
* Mezzetta Peppers
* Ban Deoderant
* Finesse Shampoo


One idea is Flour. The gold medal flour is $2.95 B1G1
Buy 18x5lbs =$53.10
B1G1 discount applied =$26.55
-$15 off
=$11.55 for 90lbs of flour delivered to your door.

your invoice will NOT reflect the B1G1 discount on your final “submit order”, but your card does not get charged until delivery. your “invoice” will show the $11.55. worst case you just refuse delivery, but ive ordered at least 10 times, and it always shows the right amount.

of course you can get anything to get to the $50 level to get the $15off and free shipping, but the object of this email was to get lots of stuff for VERY little money.

Here are some other ideas.
Add the following items to your cart:

* 2 Sara Lee Oven Fresh Pumpkin Pies = $14.38
* 2 Jimmy Dean Bacons (12oz) = $10.98
* 2 Thomas Regular English Muffins (12oz) = $8.18
* 2 Oroweat Double Fiber Breads (24oz) = $9.98
* 2 Greenline Green Beans Fresh (12oz) = $8.78

Go to checkout. Your total should be $52.30.

Add the coupon code CJSAVINGS to get $15 off plus FREE shipping (-$15)
At some point in the checkout process, the system will deduct the FREE item from the five BOGO sales (-$26.15)
$11.15 after promo code and BOGO sales

ANOTHER IDEA-tillamook cheese

2x tillamook monterey jack cheese 2lbs    $2.99ea
7x tillamook cheddar cheese 2lbs         $2.99ea
2x la victoria thick chunky salsa         $3.29ea B1G1
2x Greenline green beans fresh         $4.39ea B1G1

and since the salsa and green beans are B1G1 you will get another $7.68 off on delivery for a grand total of $28.59

which comes to about $3 ea for the 9x2lbs of tillamook, which is a fairly cheap price for this cheese 🙂

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