Super Cheap Movie Tickets and Cereal! [BEGINNER]

So where have i been!?!  Great question!  BUT lets just talk about a great deal instead. 🙂

So General Mills Cereals are starting to push out new boxes of cereal that have a promotion where you buy TWO(just 2!) boxes of cereal and you get a free movie ticket($12 value)   That’s a great deal.  The big national stores have these now, Target and Walmart.  the grocery chains are getting them this week or next, but very soon.

This promo will hopefully we around for a few weeks, so there should be plenty of opportunity to snag a few cheap tickets.

But if you want to see a movie soon, here is a great deal, thru Saturday.

At Target you can get select GM cereals for $2.99 each(the bigger boxes).  when you buy 3 you get a FREE Box.

Also when you buy 4 you get a $2 off 5 box target coupon.

At you can print out MANY $1/2 GM cereal coupons(and a few $0.50/1 and $1/3’s) –GO NOW AND PRINT THEM BEFORE THEY RUN OUT

So this is what i did.

Bought 4 specially marked cinnamon toast crunch.(make sure they say MOVIE PROMO on front of box)
-Instant -$2.99 because 4th box is free
used 2x $1/2 Printable coupons from the above link
=$6.97 PAY

so for basically $7 i got 2 free movie tickets and 4 big boxes of cereal.  (in my mind thats $3.50 per ticket)

Then i went back and bought 8 boxes of select GM Cereals. =$23.92
-$5.98 instant off, box #4 and #8 are free
used -$2 target coupon i got from previous transaction.
used 5x $1/2 coupons from the printable link above

so $10.94 for 8 boxes of cereal and 4 movie tickets(thats like $2.74 per movie ticket)

So thats not too bad, again print your coupons NOW.  at safeway this week, some GM cereals are $1.69 and at albertsons they are $1.88.  perhaps these will SOON have the movie tickets boxes, but if not this target deal is a great deal!!!

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