SUPER Cheap Rib Roasts – TODAY ONLY @ Fred Meyer

I told you earlier in the week about this Wednesday, Todays, Awesome Roasts deal.  Well today IS the day.  And not only that Fred Meyer has made it even sweeter!

Deal Details

We need to get both coupons ready to go.  First go to the $10/$20 off Any Roasts coupon, and print it out.

Then click on the $5/$20 Loadable Roasts Coupon, and add it to your Fred Meyer Card.  Choose QFC for your store, and it will load perfectly to your Fred Meyer card.  Really. 🙂

Now to get both of these coupons to come off we NEEEEED a Roast that is more than $25.00. It can be Rib Roast or New York(or any other one).  But the Rib Roast is the rock your world, basically a Prime Rib roast.  At First I didn’t see a Rib Roast that was over $25, but I asked the Butcher if he could cut me one, and he said No Prob!  He came out with a $26.18(4.5ish lbs) rib roast.  I took it through self check out, scanned it, the $5/$20 coupon auto came off. (which dropped the total to $21.18) Then i had the cashier scan the $10/$20 and it dropped it to $11.18!!  That works out to about $2.50/lb for a rib roast…which is also probably the cheapest you will ever get that.  This, to me, is worth the trip and time to Fred Meyer.  And since you are there, TODAY ONLY, you might as well get the R.W. Knudsen Juices. 🙂


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