SUPER HOT!! Unlimted FREE Bags of various Candy @ Riteaid [BEGINNER]

(no upfront coupons required!!!!)

Every once in awhile, the perfect deal comes along.  Its here!  Too bad its candy, but somehow the world will keep on spinning.

Right now, RiteAid has various candy for 2/$5($2.50ea).
When you buy 2, you are supposed to get a $1 UP reward(Riteaid money)
BUt for some reason, they are also producing a $2 UP reward for every bag you buy!!!
So you get back a $1, $2, $2 UP reward for every 2 bags you buy for $5. 🙂

Buy any 2 bags of the below kinds of candy. =$5
Get back a $1, $2, $2 UP rewards
=NET $0!!!

Repeat the transaction again!!
this time pay with those $5 UP rewards you just got
paying $0 OOP, and getting another $1, $2, $2.

do this until you have all you want. AS you can see there is a ton to pick from.
odds are they wont pull this deal, and you have all week, but i doubt the shelves will be full on saturday!! the store gets reimbursed for EVERY UP reward they redeem!

I listed the sizes and UPCs so you know which items to buy. they will all be in the same section!
Items producing the $5($1, $2, $2)

14oz Starburst 4000024947
14oz Starburst Tropical 40000 27669
14oz Swedish fish 70462 50010
14oz Jolly ranchers 10700 51851
14oz Skittles (red bag) 4000 24872
10.8oz Jolly Ranchers Pop 10700 15800
14oz Bassetts Allsorts 53568 00237

Items that did not produce the $1, but produced the 2x$2
17.6oz Red vines jumbo Red 41364 00282
14oz Skittles (orange bag) 40000 29813
16oz Redvines Jumbo Black 41364 00283

These above 3 items give back $4 in UPs…so its not 100% free, but $1 for 2 bags of jumbo pack super soft yummy red vines…well, you know… 🙂

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