Super Secret SALE on Duracell Batteries-Maybe TODAY ONLY!!! @ RiteAid

For some reason, the 20ct Duracell AA and AAA packs are ringing up at $3.49 eA, and you get a $1 UP reward back for each pack you buy.  This makes these a NET of $2.49 ea for a 20ct pack.  Thats the best deal on batteries youll see in a VERY long time.  Odds are the deal is just for today, Monday, May 2nd.  So if this is a good deal fo ryou, hurry and go buy some, before they are gone.  🙂

And if you go and they are ringing up at $9.99…that means the Secret Sale is over…no harm no foul. 🙂

And if you have a $3/$15 survey coupon to use, do this!

buy 5 packs =$17.46
-$3 Survey coupon
=$14.46 PAY
Get back 5 $1 UPs rewards
=NET of $9.96 for 100 duracell batteries.  Very nice.  If you have coupons, this will even be cheaper.

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