Unlimited $2 Grande Starbucks Drinks, Hot or Cold with J4U @ Safeway

So this is a REALLY nice deal.  It is a J4U coupon you load to your Safeway Card, and unfortunately not everyone got this J4U.  BUT take a look, and if you did, its a great deal to take advantage of!! And if you do have them they are good until 4/23/13!

So first to see if you are one of the coffee chosen ones, go HERE, which is the “Personalized Deals.”  Then you want to look for these 2 coupons,

If you have them, then GREAT!!  You can only use these  J4U coupon at Safeway Starbucks. 🙂

Now they say good for Hot and Cold Macchiato’s.  But I have had these 2 J4U coupons added to my account for over 10 days, and have used this 10+ times on all sorts of drinks.  At first I thought it might be a glitch, but by now they would have fixed it, but they haven’t, so we are going to go with its on purpose! 🙂  And the way it works is you order any grande drink(hot, iced or frap), scan your club card, and the register AUTO takes off whatever amount to make the drink $2.00.    You can order multiple drinks on the same order and they all become $2 each.  You do have to pay for extras though(extra shots, special milks, added flavors etc.)  And you will know if its work right away if the register doesn’t make the drink $2.   You can use a Starbucks Gift Card, or your mobile apps to work towards you FREE Drink or Gold Status, and at $2 each drink, that goes much much faster!

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