Walgreens Confirmed Double Dips Deals 11/23/13

Its Saturday again! Which means there are Great Deals to do at Walgreen’s. There are 5 double dip deals to do today! Basically these deals takes advantage of the “Double Dip” of the converging Walgreen’s ads.  There was a TON of potential DD’s that did not work today.  I listed those at the bottom!

Deal #1

Dove Deodorant

                         This week                                                     Next Week


Buy 2 Degree Deodorants BOGO 50% off and $1.99
Get 2,000 Balance Rewards Points WYB 2
Use 2 x $1/1 Degree Men Antiperspirant or Deodorant
Final Price=$0.98 after coupon and get 2000 points
NET Price=$1 Money maker

Deal #2

Covergirl Makeup

                This week                                           Next Week


Covergirl Eye-Lip-Nail Makeup, Buy $20 worth and B1g1 50%
-$12 Use 3 x $4/2 Covergirl Product Coupons 10/27 P&G
Final Price=$8.97 and get a $5 Register Rewards Back PLUS a FREE Movie Ticket


Deal #3


                This week                                           Next Week


I tested a few items, and they do work.  The first one is 40% off the shelf price, and the 2nd one is %50 off the first discounted item.  We can use the $1/1 Revlon Walgreen’s Coupon to make these even better!


Deal #4

Digital Glass Scale

                This week                                           Next Week


Digital Glass Scale, $12.99
Final Price=$12.99 and get back 3000 points (NET=$9.99)


Deal #5

Scotch 3pk tape

                This week                                           Next Week


Scotch tape 3pk, $1.99 -Buy 2
-$1.99 Instant B1G1 sale will come off
Final Price=$1.99 for 2 (or $0.99 each)


Double Deals that did not work(for me)

The Royal Dansk did NOT DD
2 centrum ring up $14.98
The electrical accessories did NOT DD
The Miracle Blur did NOT DD(couldn’t find size listed at store)
Energizer lithium 9volt did NOT DD
The iHome Headphones, the 2 I tried did NOT DD
I could not find a Total Advanced that would ring up $3…so probably no DD


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3 comments to Walgreens Confirmed Double Dips Deals 11/23/13

  • Michele

    Thanks for all your hard work!

  • Pandazing

    I’d imagine you don’t have any real idea, but any theories as to why some of the potentials do work and others don’t? Especially ones like the Royal Dansk cookies where they’re ringing up at $1.99 but not keeping the BOGO in place?

    Are sales activated and deactivated in multiple parts?

  • gdog

    actually quite rarely do things not DD, when there is the potential. it just so happens to be a bad week for these. technically they could manually adjust anything they want, but since its the tech and seasonal stuff that isn’t DD this week, my guess is they have a little more “control” over those types of items.

    The NET 10 LG phone is DD this week. so its not all tech.

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