Walgreens Weekly Deal Summary 10/26 – 11/1

Its Another week at Walgreen’s! So the below deals will be available this week! For the “How-to” for shopping at Walgreens, go HERE. Again, these are just the Best/Free items for the week!!

Also of Note, If you didn’t hear, Walgreens Changed their Coupon Policy. Its pretty bad. Probably now the worst coupon policy of any retailer out there. Which of course is lame. 🙂 But! I will still try to find deals that conform to their new policy. There will just be less of them.

Perhaps you have started to see a pattern. One week is heavy on Register Rewards, and then the next week is heavy on “Points” Deals. Every once in awhile they throw a slow week in there. The thinking is convert points to RR one week, and then RR to points the next week, over and over again. Therefore not having to spend any money OOP! 🙂


This week there is also a Walgreens Points Health and Wellness Booster In-ad Coupon that will get you 50 bonus points for each $1 spent on Health & Wellness products through 11/1/14. When you buy a Walgreens store-brand Health & Wellness product that you get double the bonus points(100!) per $1 spent!

Register Rewards Deals

Colgate Toothpaste, $3.50
Get $3 Register Rewards wyb 1
Use a $0.75/1 off any Colgate Toothpaste
Final Price(OOP)=$2.75 and get a $3RR
Final Price after RR=$0.25 MoneyMaker after RR

Huggies Jumbo Pullups Packs, $10
Get $10 Register Rewards wyb $30 Huggies Products
Use a $4/2 packages of PULL-UPS Training Pants
AND Use a $2.25/1 package of PULL-UPS Training Pants
Final Price(OOP)(buy 3)=$23.75 for 3 and get a $10RR
Final Price after RR=$13.75 for 3(or $4.58ea) after RR

Sharpie and Mr. Sketch Scented Markers 12 ct , $4.99
Get $2 Register Rewards wyb 1
Final Price(OOP)=$4.99 and get a $2RR
Final Price after RR=$2.99 after RR

Colgate Total Advanced Mouthwash 16.9 oz, 2/$6
Get $3 Register Rewards wyb 1
Use 2 x $0.75/1 off any Colgate Mouthwash
Final Price(OOP)=$4.50 and get a $3RR
Final Price after RR=$1.50 for 2(or $0.50) after RR


“Points” Deals

Tide 24-32 loads,$5.99 (Buy 3-$5.99ea)
CoverGirl Cosmetics, B1G1 50% off  (Buy 2-$2.99ea)
Get 5000 Balance Rewards Points WYB $20 Tide,.. CoverGirl products
Use a 3 x $2/1 Tide coupons 9/28 P&G or 10/26 P&G
AND Use a $2.50/2 CoverGirl Nail Product coupon 10/26 P&G
Final Price(OOP)=$13.95 and get 5000 points
Final Price after points=$8.95 for 5 items after Points(or $2.99ish WYB 3 tide and free covergirl)

Capri Sun 10-packs, 2/$4
Get 2000 Balance Rewards Points WYB 2
Final Price(OOP)=$4 and get 2000 points
Final Price after points=$2 for 2(or $1 ea) after Points

Pantene Shampoos and Conditioners, 2/$8
Get 5000 Balance Rewards Points WYB $20 worth
Use 2 x B1G1 Pantene coupon 10/26 P&G
AND Use a $2/1 Pantene Styler or Treatment coupon 9/14 SS or 9/28 P&G or 10/26 P&G
Final Price(OOP)(buy 5)=$10.29 and get 5000 points
Final Price after points=$5.29 for 5($1.06 ea) after Points


Other Great Deals

Dr. Pepper, 7Up, A&W Root Beer, Sunkist, Canada Dry 2liter, $1
Use a $1/1 TEN soda 2Liter  coupon (share to get the $1/1 one)
Final Price=FREE after coupon for TEN(my stores do not carry the TEN anymore) 🙁

Carmex Lip Balm, B1G1( $1.59)
Use a $0.30/1 Carmex Lip Balm Coupon
Final Price=$1.19 for 2(or $0.60ea) after coupon

Purelife Naturals 100% Organic Ground Flaxseed, $5.79
Use a $5/1 Purelife Vitamins and Supplements coupon in the Walgreens October Savings Booklet
Final Price=$0.79 after coupon

Herhseys Snack Candy, $2.49
Use a $0.50/1 Hershey’s Snack Size Candy 9.12-11.6 oz Walgreens coupon from October Savings Booklet
AND Use a $1.10 off (2) Hershey’s Snack Size Bags 9oz – 22oz coupon
Final Price(Buy 2)=$2.88for 2(or $1.44 each) after coupons

Lipton Single Serve Cups 12ct, $5.99
Use a $2/1 Lipton Tea K-Cup pack
Final Price=$3.99 after coupon

Dean’s Dip 8 oz, $0.99
Use a $1/2 Deans Dip coupon
Final Price=$0.49ea WYB 2 after coupon

Revlon Brushes, $2.99 and B1G1
Final Price=$1.49ea WYB 2

M&M’s 9.9-12.6 oz, 2/$5
Use a $1.50/2M&M coupon
AND Use a $1/2 M&M Walgreens store coupon in October Savings Booklet
Final Price=$2.50 for 2(or $1.25ea) after coupon

Truvia Natural Sweetener 40 ct , $2.99
Use a $2/1 Truvia coupon
Final Price=$0.99 ea after coupon

Sunny Smile Paper Towels or Big Roll Bath Tissue Single, 2/$1

Kraft Mac & Cheese 7.25 oz, $0.89

Brandywine Mushrooms 4oz, $0.69 with in-ad coupon

Nice! Mandarin Oranges 11oz, $0.69 with in-ad coupon

Fancy Feast Cat Food 3oz, $0.50 with in-ad coupon

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 8oz, 3/$1 with in-ad coupon

Van Camp’s Pork and Beans 15oz, 3/$1 with in-ad coupon

Nice! Sparkling Water 17oz, 2/$1 with in-ad coupon

Nice! Snack, Sandwich, Freezer and Storage Bags (select sizes), $0.99

Xtra Liquid Laundry Detergent 30 loads, $1.49

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