Walgreens Weekly Deal Summary 12/6 – 12/12

Its Another week at Walgreen’s! So the below deals will be available this week! For the “How-to” for shopping at Walgreens, go HERE. Again, these are just the Best/Free items for the week!!

Its Been a YEAR since, Walgreens Changed their Coupon Policy. Its pretty bad. Probably now the worst coupon policy of any retailer out there. Which of course is lame. 🙂 I guess we can say, Once there was a lot of deals!, now we can say there are a few deals every week…….

Perhaps you have started to see a pattern. One week is heavy on Register Rewards, and then the next week is heavy on “Points” Deals. Every once in awhile they throw a slow week in there. The thinking is convert points to RR one week, and then RR to points the next week, over and over again. Therefore not having to spend any money OOP! 🙂

Each time you see (Change Zip to ?????), Click the Change Zip Link, and enter the listed zip code in the box next to the blue “arrow” button. Then click the GO button to set the Zip Code. Then Come back to this page and click the Coupon link, and it will auto load the coupon up ready to print!

Jingle Cash starts this week and will go through 12/12

“Register Rewards” Deals

Scrubbing Bubbles Bath or Shower 20 – 22 oz and Toilet Gels 6 pk, 2/$7
Get a $2 Register Rewards WYB 2
Use a Buy One Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel Product Get (1) Scrubbing Bubbles Bathroom Cleaning Product Free 12/6 coupon SS
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 1 of EACH product)=$3.50 and get a $2RR
Final Price after RR=$1.50 for 2(or $0.75ea) after RR

Colgate Mouthwash 16.9 oz, 2/$9
Get a $4 Register Rewards WYB 2
Use 2 x $2/1 Colgate Mouthwash or Rinse 480 ml or larger Coupon 11/22 SS
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 2)=$5 and get a $4RR
Final Price after RR=$1 for 2(or $0.50ea) after RR



“Points” Deals

Energizer Max Batteries AA or AAA 4 pks, 25% off($4.99ish)-Look for packages with national $4 rebate
Get 2000 Balance Reward Points WYB 2
Use a $2.00 off any 2 packs of Energizer Batteries Coupon
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 2)=$5.49(ish) and get 2000 points
Final Price after Points=$3.49 for 2(or $1.75ea) after points(Money Maker after rebate)

Hallmark Greeting Cards, $0.99-??
Get 3000 Balance Reward Points WYB 3
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 3 x $0.99cards)=
$2.97 and get 3000 points
Final Price after Points=
FREE after points

Schick Xtreme Razors 4 ct, B1G1 50% off ($7ish)
Get 5000 Balance Reward Points WYB $20
Use a $7.00 off any (2) Schick Disposable Razor Pack
Final Price(OOP)(Buy $20)=$8.50ish and get 5000 points
Final Price after Points=$3.50 for 2(or $1.75ea) after points

Nature Made Vitamelts 100 ct, $4.99
Get 3000 Balance Reward Points WYB 1
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 1)=
$4.99 and get 3000 points
Final Price after Points=
$1.99 after points


Other Great Deals

Cottonelle Bath Tissue 12 pk Large Rolls, $4.49
Use a $1.50/1 package of COTTONELLE Toilet Paper (12pk or larger) (Change zip to 19342) exp(12/5/2015)  (Did you print it out on 12/5/15? 🙂 )
Use a $1/1 Cottonelle Toilet Paper 12 pk Walgreens Coupon in December Coupon Booklet(Found at stores)
Final Price= $3.49 after coupon(or $1.99 after coupons)

Splenda No-Calorie Sweetener 100 ct, $3.49
Use a $1/1 Splenda No-Calorie Sweeetener Product coupon
AND Use a $2/1 Splenda No-Calorie Sweetener 100 ct Walgreens Coupon in December Coupon Booklet(Found at stores)
Final Price= $0.49 after coupon

Well Beginnings Diapers, B1G1 ($8.99)
Use a $2.00 off on any Well Beginning Up to 12 hours leakage protection baby diapers (Change zip to 07733) exp(01/25/2016)
Final Price= $6.99 for 2($3.50ea) after coupon

Golden Grahams Cereal 12 oz, $1.99
Use a $1/1 Golden Grahams Cereal coupon
Final Price= $0.99 after coupon

McCormick Pure Vanilla Extract 1 oz, 2/$3 with in-ad coupon

Lindsay Olives 5 – 6 oz, $0.99
Use a $1/2 Lindsay Olives coupon
Final Price= $0.49ea WYB 2 after coupon

M&M’s 8 – 12.6 oz, 2/$5
Use a $1.00 off 2 MARS Candy Bags Coupon
AND Use a $1/2 M&M’s Walgreens Coupon in December Coupon Booklet(Found at stores)
Final Price=$3 for 2(or $1.50ea) after coupon

Hunt’s Tomato Sauce 8oz, 3/$1 with in-ad coupon

Mentos Mints, $0.49 with in-ad coupon

Nice! Mints, $0.49 with in-ad coupon

Walgreens Brand Hydrogen Peroxide 16oz, 3/$1 with in-ad coupon


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