Walgreens Weekly Deal Summary 3/1 – 3/7

Its Another week at Walgreen’s! So the below deals will be available this week! For the “How-to” for shopping at Walgreens, go HERE. Again, these are just the Best/Free items for the week!!

Also of Note, in May of 2014, Walgreens Changed their Coupon Policy. Its pretty bad. Probably now the worst coupon policy of any retailer out there. Which of course is lame. 🙂 But! I will still try to find deals that conform to their new policy. There will just be less of them.

Perhaps you have started to see a pattern. One week is heavy on Register Rewards, and then the next week is heavy on “Points” Deals. Every once in awhile they throw a slow week in there. The thinking is convert points to RR one week, and then RR to points the next week, over and over again. Therefore not having to spend any money OOP! 🙂

Each time you see (Change Zip to ?????), Click the Change Zip Link OR HERE, and enter the listed zip code in the box next to the red “GO” button. Then click the GO button to set the Zip Code. Then Come back to this page and click the Coupon link, and it will auto load the coupon up ready to print!


Register Rewards Deals

Scrubbing Bubbles Product/Windex, 2/$6
Get $2.00 Register Rewards wyb 2
Use a $1.50/1 Windex, Scrubbing Bubbles, Pledge or Shout Product coupon (play challenge and share offer)
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 2)=$3 and get a $2.00 RR
Final Price after RR=$1 for 2 after RR(or $0.50)

Bai 5 Drink 18oz , $1.49
Get $1.49 Register Rewards wyb 1
Final Price(OOP)=$1.49 and get a $1.49 RR
Final Price after RR=FREE after RR

Gluten Cutter 30ct, $10.00
Get $10.00 Register Rewards wyb 1
Final Price(OOP)=$10.00 and get a $10.00 RR
Final Price after RR=FREE after RR

Glade Candle, Glade Plugins Scented Oil Refill, Room Spray or Wax Melts Refill, 2/$6
Get $2.00 Register Rewards wyb 2
Use $2/2 Glade products or $1/1 Glade Wax Melts Refill or $1/1 Glade Jar Candle or $1/1 any Glade product
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 2)=$4 and get a $2.00 RR
Final Price after RR=$2 for 2 after RR(or $1.00ea)

Crest Mouthwash 16.9 oz and Pro-Health Toothpaste, $3
Get $1.50 Register Rewards wyb 1
Use a $1.10/1 Crest® Rinse 473mL or larger(Change zip to 77477)
Final Price(OOP)=$1.80 and get a $1.50 RR
Final Price after RR=$0.30 after RR

Pantene Stylers, 3/$12
Get $3.00 Register Rewards wyb 3
Use 3 x $2/1 Pantene Styler or Treatment coupons 2/22 SS
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 3)=$6 and get a $3.00 RR
Final Price after RR=$3 for3 after RR(or $1.00ea)


“Points” Deals


Other Great Deals

Dawn Dish Liquid 9oz, $0.99
Use a $0.50/1 Dawn coupon 3/1 P&G
Final Price=$0.49 after coupons

Mushrooms 4oz or Nice! Diced Tomatoes 14.5oz, $0.59 with in-ad coupon

Simply Lemonade 59 oz, $1.99

Nice! Jelly Beans 9 oz, 2/$1 with in-ad coupon

Nice! Freezer or Storage Bags, $0.99 with in-ad coupon

Wexford Bubble Mailer 6×9 to 12.5×18, $0.49 with in-ad coupon

Sharpie Chisel or Fine Point Marker, $0.49 with in-ad coupon

Gatorade 32oz, $0.79 with in-ad coupon

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