Walgreens Weekly Deal Summary 8/24 – 8/30

Its Another week at Walgreen’s! So the below deals will be available this week! For the “How-to” for shopping at Walgreens, go HERE. Again, these are just the Best/Free items for the week!!

Also of Note, If you didn’t hear, Walgreens Changed their Coupon Policy. Its pretty bad. Probably now the worst coupon policy of any retailer out there. Which of course is lame. 🙂 But! I will still try to find deals that conform to their new policy. There will just be less of them.

Perhaps you have started to see a pattern. One week is heavy on Register Rewards, and then the next week is heavy on “Points” Deals. Every once in awhile they throw a slow week in there. The thinking is convert points to RR one week, and then RR to points the next week, over and over again. Therefore not having to spend any money OOP! 🙂

Register Rewards Deals

Vitamin Water Energy Drinks 11.5oz, $1.50
Get $1.50 Register Rewards wyb 1
Final Price(OOP)=$1.50 and get a $1.50 RR
Final Price after RR=FREE after RR

Bathroom/Shower 20 oz and/or Toilet Gels 6pk, 2/$7
Get $2 Register Rewards wyb 2
AND Get $1 National Catalina wyb 2
Use 2 x $1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning
AND/OR Use 2 x $1.00 off Scrubbing Bubbles Bath Cleaning product
Final Price(OOP)=$5 and get a $2 RR and a $1 OYNP Catalina
Final Price after RR=$2 for 2 after RR and Catalina(or $1 each)

Oral-B Toothbrushes and/or Crest Toothpaste 5.8-6.2 oz, 3/$9
Get $5 Register Rewards wyb 3
Use a  $1.50 off TWO Oral-B Toothbrushes Coupon
AND Use a $0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste coupon 7/13 RP
AND Use a IN-AD Beauty/Personal Care Bonus Points Walgreens Store Coupon (50 rewards points per $1)
Final Price OOP=$6.75 and get a $5 RR and 450 points
Final Price after RR=$1.75 for 3 items after RR(or $0.59ea) +points

Purex Laundry Detergent 24-32 load or Ultra Packs 18ct , 2/$6
Get $2 Register Rewards wyb 2
Final Price OOP=$6 and get a $2 RR
Final Price after RR=$4 for 2 after RR(or $2ea)


“Points” Deals

Speed Stick and Lady Speed Stick, $1.99
Get 5000 Balance Rewards Points WYB 4
Use a IN-AD Beauty/Personal Care Bonus Points Walgreens Store Coupon (50 rewards points per $1)
Use 4 x $0.50/1 Speed Stick coupons 8/24 SS
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 4)=$5.96 and get 5350 points
Final Price after points=$0.61 for 4 items after Points(or $0.15ea)

Zantac 24ct, $8.99 and Gas-X 30ct, $4.99
Get 10000 Balance Rewards Points WYB $30
Use 3x $4/1 Zantac 24 ct coupons 7/27 SS (or HERE)
AND Use a $1.25/1 Gas-X coupon 7/13 SS
Final Price OOP=$18.71 and get a 10000 points
Final Price after RR=$8.71  for 3 after points($2.90 ea )

Schick Quattro for Women Razor, $9.79 and 25% off
Get 5000 Balance Rewards Points WYB 2
Use a IN-AD Beauty/Personal Care Bonus Points Walgreens Store Coupon (50 rewards points per $1)
Use 2 x $3/1 Schick Intuition or Quattro for Women Razor or Refill coupon 8/10 SS
Final Price(OOP)(Buy 2)=$8.68 and get 5700 points
Final Price after points=$2.98 for 2 items after Points(or $1.49ea)


Other Great Deals

Glade Warmers, 3/$3
Use 3 x $1/1 Glade Warmer coupon
AND/OR a $2.00 off any THREE Glade products
AND Use a $1/1 Glade Warmer ibotta rebate
Final Price=FREE after coupon (or $1MM after ibotta)

Lipton K-Cup 12pks, $5.99
Use a $2/1 Lipton coupon
Final Price=$3.99 after coupon

Bic Velocity Mechanical Pencils 2pk, $0.99
Use a $1/2 Bic Stationery Product coupon 8/3 SS
Final Price=$0.49ea WYB 2 after coupon

Dimetapp 4oz, $4.99
Use a $1/1 Dimetapp Walgreens coupon in Walgreens August Savings Booklet
AND Use a $2/1 Dimetapp coupon
Final Price=$1.99 ea after coupons

M&M’s Bags, 2/$5
Use a $1/2 M&M’s Walgreens coupon in Walgreens August Savings Booklet
AND Use a $1.50/2 M&M’s Chocolate Candies coupon 8/10 RP
Final Price=$2.50 for 2 after coupons(or $1.25 ea)

Phazyme Anti-Gas 250mg 12ct, $5.99
Use a $2/1 Phazyme Anti-Gas Walgreens coupon in Walgreens August Savings Booklet
AND Use a $3/1 Phazyme Anti-Gas coupon 8/3 SS
Final Price=$0.99 ea after coupons

Nice! 100% Pure Honey 12oz, $2.99

Oscar Mayer Wieners, BOGO ($2.99)

PaperMate Mechanical Pencils 5 ct, $0.29

Wexford Index Cards 3x5in 100 ct, $0.29

Hunt’s Tomatoes Sauce 8oz, 2/$1 with in-ad coupon

Van Camp’s Pork and Beans 15oz, 2/$1 with in-ad coupon

Bumble Bee Chunk Light Tuna 5oz, $0.79 with in-ad coupon

Snow’s Chopped Clams 6.5oz, $0.79 with in-ad coupon

Gold Medal Flour 5 lbs, $1.79 with in-ad coupon

Pepsi 2L Bottles, 4/$4 WYB 4

Xtra Laundry Detergent 30loads, $1.49 with in-ad coupon

Ajax Dish Liquid 14oz, $0.89 with in-ad coupon

Wexford 1 Subject Notebook 60 or 70 Sheets, or Highlighter, $0.49 with in-ad coupon

Wexford No.2 Yellow Pencils 8ct or Scissors 5in, $0.39 with in-ad coupon

Wexford Filler Paper 130 sheets, $0.69 with in-ad coupon

Wexford Wooden Ruler 12in or 2-Pocket Paper Folder, 7/$1 with in-ad coupon

Wexford Dome Pencil Sharpener or Penway Kids Crayons 24ct, $0.39 with in-ad coupon

Penway Colored Pencils 12ct or Classic Markers 10ct, $0.79 with in-ad coupon

Wexford 1-Subject Poly Notebook 70sheets or Glue Stick 3ct, $0.69 with in-ad coupon

Wexford Carry All Case or Plastic Protractor 6in, $0.49 with in-ad coupon

Slider Pencil Case or Shatterproof Ruler, $0.39 with in-ad coupon

Wexford Index Card Case or Index Cards 4×6 100ct, $0.49 with in-ad coupon

Wexford 5 Tab Dividers Multicolor, $0.49 with in-ad coupon

Conair Bobby Pins 60 ct or Scunci No Damage Elastic 27ct, $0.99

Hershey’s Candy singles, $0.49 with in-ad coupon


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