Whole Foods Deals 4/16/14 – 4/29/14

Whole Foods changes their ad pricing twice a month. The second ad cycle for this month goes from 4/16 through 4/29. Here are the items that are on sale these weeks in the Portland, Oregon area. We get to use just the Whole Foods Mar/Apr Booklet coupons that are online and available in stores! Get your coupons ready now, so you can enjoy these deals over the next 2 weeks! Not a lot of super great deals this week, but here are a few!

Deal #1

2014-04-16 14.42.32

Rice Dream Ice Cream Treats, $0.99
Use a $1/1 any DREAM Product coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupon!


Deal #2

2014-03-25 08.08.50

Buy Beyond Meat Items, $5.99 -$5.99
Use a FREE Beyond Meat Coupon (No Longer Available, but if you saved it, or google for it. 🙂 )
Final Price= FREE after coupon and use the(NEW) $1/1 Beyond Meat Crumbles Ibotta rebate AND the $1/1 Beyond Meat chicken free strips Ibotta rebate=$1 or $2 Money Maker!!


Deal #3

2014-04-16 14.20.46

Beanitos Rice & Beans Chips(Gluten Free), $2.69
-$1 Use a $0.50 Beanitos Chips Coupon
Final Price=$2.19 ea after coupon


Deal #4

2014-04-16 14.21.02 2014-04-16 14.25.03

Deboles Organic and/or Gluten Free Pasta, $2.50
Use a $1/1 Deboles Pasta Coupon
Final Price=$1.50 after coupon


Deal #5

2014-04-16 14.24.23

Malton Sea Salt, $6.49
Use a $2/1 Malton Sea Salt Coupon
Final Price=$4.49 (Some of the best cooking salt there is!!)


Deal #6

2014-04-16 14.32.11

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt Cups, $1.69
Use a $1/2 Stonyfield Yogurt Cup Coupon
AND Use a $1/2 Stonyfield Yogurt Cup Whole Foods Mar/Apr Coupon
Final Price=(Buy 2) $0.69 ea WYB 2 after coupon


Deal #7

2014-04-16 14.34.20

Uncle Matts Organic Lemonade,$3.69
Use a $0.75/1 Uncle Matts Juice
Final Price= $2.92 after coupon


Deal #8

2014-04-16 14.36.58

Rudis Organic English Muffins, $4.39
Use a $1/1 Rudis Organic Coupon
AND Use a $1/1 Rudis Organic ibotta rebate
Final Price=$3.39 after coupon and submit for $1 ibotta rebate=$2.39 after coupon

Deal #9

2014-04-16 14.41.49

Kettle Organic Potato Chips, $2.50
Use a $1.00 off TWO Kettle Brand Potato Chips
Final Price=(Buy 2) $2 ea WYB 2 after coupon


Deal #10

2014-04-16 14.42.48

Evol Burritos Rice & Cheddar(Only), $2
Use a $2/2 Evol product coupon or $1/1 Evol Product Coupon
AND Use a $1/1 Evol Burrito Ibotta Rebate
Final Price=$1 after coupon, FREE after ibotta

Deal #11

2014-04-16 14.46.24


Endangered Species Chocolate Bars, $2.50


Deal #12

2014-04-16 14.48.05

Enjoy Life Gluten Free Cereal, $3.39
Use a $1.50/2 Enjoy Life Product Coupon
AND Use a $1.50/2 Enjoy Life Product Coupon Whole Foods Mar/Apr Coupon
Final Price=$1.89 after coupons


Deal #13

2014-04-16 14.48.20

Barbaras Snackimals Organic Cereal, $4.39
-$1.50 Use a $1.50/1 Barbaras Snackimals Cereal coupon
-$1.50 AND Use a Use a $1.50/1 Barbaras Snackimals Cereal coupon Mar/Apr Whole Foods Booklet
Final Price=$1.39 after coupon and use the NEW $1/1 Barbaras Snackimals Ibotta rebate=$0.39

 Deal #14

2014-04-16 14.19.19

Wildwood Organic Tofu, $3.99

Deal #15

2014-04-16 14.22.20

Arrowhead Mills Gluten Free Mixes, $3.39-$4.49


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2 comments to Whole Foods Deals 4/16/14 – 4/29/14

  • M -

    My husband wont step foot in there (Tanasbourne), as they told him he couldn’t use coupons in there anymore. Not even store Q’s!! I feel sick to my stomach since I brought a lot of progress to them through my friends whom I encouraged to use coupons, so they would believe me that wf’s is not whole paycheck. It was part of my ‘voluntary’ effort to support the store b/c I had heard (from the manager + asst mang’r) they were almost about to go out of biz a few years ago.

    I was just having my husband go in and do your deals.. plus lots more to get the items on my list for recipes and wellness needs. I know for a fact your deals are all legit, I periodically do store deal listings [natural/org] as well. Hopefully, I will get to the bottom of this.

    I am truly scratching my head here because I never would have expected something like this from of all places, whole foods. I know the cashiers were getting jealous, but this is truly extreme of them to stoop so low.

    • gdog

      I believe im aware of your situation actually, feel free to email me offline. Whospendsmoneyc@gmail.com
      That store just lost MANY of their staff to go to the new store opening next month in tigard, so there is many new ones there. But truly i have not found a friendlier coupon store than that one out there. 🙁

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