Whole Foods Deals Portland NW 12/3/14 – 12/16/14

Whole Foods changes their ad pricing twice a month. The “FIRST” ad cycle for this month goes from 12/3 through 12/16. Here are the items that are on sale these weeks in the Portland, Oregon area.

You can print the current Whole Foods Coupons out here, the Whole Foods Nov/Dec 2014 “The Whole Deal’ Coupon Booklet .

Another little fun fact. Any time you see a price end in “77”, that means that its on a Regional Clearance. The price will be good until they run out of product! There are a few of those below! A few good ones!

Deal #1

Lets start with 4 GREAT Organic Veggie/Fruit Deals! THESE deals are just good until 12/9

2014-12-03 14.21.32($4.98) 2014-12-03 14.21.11 2014-12-03 14.20.28 2014-12-03 14.22.01

Deal #2

2014-12-03 14.03.16

Mariner Biscuits, $1.39

Deal #3

2014-12-03 14.03.58

Paqui Tortilla Chips, Ghost Pepper flavor!!, $3.25

Deal #4

2014-12-03 14.06.19

Spectrum Organic Mayo, $3.99-$6.49
Use a $2/1 any ONE Spectrum Naturals Item Nov/Dec Booklet Coupon
AND Use a $2/1 Spectrum Naturals Product
Final Price=FREE-$2.49 after coupon


Deal #5

2014-12-03 13.58.08

Stonyfield Greek Yogurt, $1.25
Use a $0.50/2 Stonyfield Greek Yogurt product
AND Use a $1/2 Stonyfield Greek Yogurt Product Nov/Dec Whole Foods Booklet
Final Price=$0.50ea WYB 2 after coupon

Deal #6

2014-12-03 13.57.17

Immaculate Cookie Dough, $3
Use 2 x $0.50/1 PACKAGE any flavor/variety Immaculate Baking Co.® Refrigerated product
AND Use a $1/2 Immaculate Baking Product Nov/Dec Whole Foods Booklet
Final Price=$2.00ea WYB 2 after coupon

Deal #7

2014-12-03 13.56.24

Voss Water, $0.99
Use a $1/2 any Voss Water Nov/Dec Booklet Coupon
Final Price(Buy 2)=$0.49 ea WYB 2 after coupon

Deal #8

2014-12-03 13.59.05

Tofurky meatless meat, $2.99
Use a $0.75/1 Tofurky Product
Final Coupon=$2.24 after coupon

Deal #9

2014-12-03 14.02.32

Kettle Organic Chips, $2.50
Use a $1.00 off TWO (2) Kettle Brand Chips
Final Coupon=$2ea WYB 2 after coupon

Deal #10

2014-12-03 14.14.04

Canola High Heat Spray, $4.49
Use a $2/1 any ONE Spectrum Naturals Item Nov/Dec Booklet Coupon
AND Use a $2/1 Spectrum Naturals Product
Final Price=$0.49 after coupon

Deal #11

2014-12-03 14.07.55

Organic Ravioli, $1.85

Deal #12

2014-12-03 14.11.21

Fiordifrutta Organic Fruit Spreads, $3.00 (mmm 🙂 )
Use a (possible peelie coupons)
Final Price=$2.00 after coupon

Deal #13

2014-12-03 14.13.06

Imagine 12oz Soups, $2-$2.50
Use a $1/1 any ONE Imagine Item Nov/Dec Booklet Coupon
AND Use a $1/1 Imagine Product
Final Price=FREE-$0.50 after coupon


Deal #14

2014-12-03 14.13.21

Imagine 32oz Organic Broths, $2.50
Use a $1/1 any ONE Imagine Item Nov/Dec Booklet Coupon
AND Use a $1/1 Imagine Product
Final Price=$0.50 after coupon
Deal #15
2014-12-03 14.14.27

Annies Organic Mac&cheese, $2.00
Use a $0.50/1 Annies mac&cheese Product
Final Price=$1.50 after coupon

Deal #16
2014-12-03 14.03.31

Annies Snacks, $3.00
Use a $0.75/1 Annies mac&cheese Product
Final Price=$2.25 after coupon

Deal #17

2014-12-03 14.18.28
Deal #18
2014-12-03 14.19.41

High Mowing Organic Sprouting Seeds(no soil required), $3.50

Deal #19

2014-12-03 14.23.03

Arrowhead Mills Organic Cereal, $3.99
Use a $1/1 any ONE Arrowhead mills Item Nov/Dec Booklet Coupon
Final Price=$2.99 after coupon


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6 comments to Whole Foods Deals Portland NW 12/3/14 – 12/16/14

  • Kirsten

    Did you know Whole Foods changed their policy and will only scan each whole deal coupon once per transaction? 🙁

    • gdog

      It sounds like a new made up rule. 🙂 its not a policy change. If you look on the top of my home page under store coupon policies, and click on the Whole Foods policy, look at the 7th bullet down,

      Multiple Whole Deal coupons for the same item in one transaction can be used as long as there is an individual coupon for each item purchased.

      The coupons you can print say one per purchase(which mean per item). So the fact that the coupon says you can, and the corporate policy says you can, it sounds like a call to the store manager is warranted. If you are local, i would be MORE than glad to make that call for you. 🙂

  • Kirsten

    I didn’t think it was a corporate change. Bridgeport Whole Foods. Cashier was Ana and I also spoke to Benjamin (I believe that was his name) at customer service. That would be wonderful if you could call, I know you are great at it 🙂

    • gdog

      So…..sigh. It appears that it IS in fact a new regional change. The coupons technically do say “per individual”, and the direction is to start enforcing this. I called a few other stores after I called bridgeport, and it appears most stores do not like this change, and most will still do it IF YOU ASK. in the instance of bridgeport, they will allow you to do one per transaction and then allow multiple transactions(as they put it, to cover themselves from higher management)….which of course is lame. I happened to get the top “coupon” coordinator and their assistants email addresses, so I plan inquiring about the logic of this new change.

      Apparently some vendors of theres had too much coupon redemption over the last quarter in the NW region, and this is the regionals answer, allow though it does technically conflict with global policy.(ie bullet 7)

      Thank you for mentioning this happened to you, and I will follow up with higher corporate(although my gut tells me they wont budge), but at least most stores do not seem to be too strict in this.

      if you are close, i would encourage you to go to the Greenway store. you wont have a problem there. 😉

  • Kirsten

    Thank you so much for looking into this! Annoying! What is the point of a global coupon policy if the regions can do whatever they want?? I’ve been doing most of my shopping at new seasons anyway so whatever 🙂 Love the sight and all you do!!!!! Thanks again 🙂

  • Erin

    Same thing here in Lynnwood, WA. I store coupon per item per transaction. I of course found out trying to buy 10 Spectrum in one shot. I was told has been this way now for more than 2 months. 🙁

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