Winco Deals 10/30/13 – $.08 Swanson Broth cans!!


There just hasn’t been any Winco Deals is a little while, but TODAY they are back!! Remember if the item has a “Price Shocker” tag, that means that ALL Winco store will have this same price. If it is a normal Green Tag, its possible the prices will be slightly different from store to store.  These Sales usually last either 1 week or 2 weeks, depending on the item.

{UPDATE}  Apparently there is a difference in the “Swanson” world between broth and stock.  The coupon states stock, so although it does scan, it would be inappropriate usage on the broth.  truly sorry! 🙁

Swanson Chicken/Beef/Vegetable Broth Cans $0.58 each (Buy 4=$2.32)
-$2 Use a $2/4 Campbell’s Slow Kettle sauce, Swanson stock,V8 Refreshers or Prego Alfredo
Final Price=$0.32 WYB 4 cans after coupoins ($0.08 each!)


Crisco Oil 48oz, $2.16 (no coupons yet, Great Price!)


Manwich, $0.78 (good price)


Seattle’s Best Coffee 12oz, $4.89 or $4.98
-$2  use a $2/1 Seattles Best Coffee Facebook Coupon (coupon STILL available)
Final Price=$2.98 after coupon


Hy-Top Mac & Cheese, $0.28ea  (You don’t find much cheaper than this)


Hy-Top Tomato Sauce, $0.18  (super cheap!)


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