$.17 Lysol All Purpose & $.50 Lysol Wipes @ Safeway

WOW!! What a Great Deal!! We can get $0.17 Lysol All Purpose Cleaners & $0.50 Lysol Wipes @ Safeway!! Better yet, the $0.50 Lysol Wipes are without Manufacturer coupons!! Just the price after store coupon and catalina!

Thanks to Mona for the heads up!

Deal Details


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As you can see there are many things on sale for $2.50 each.  One of the $0.50/2 Coupon above is for the all purpose cleaners.  Thats the one I started with.

Buy 3 Lysol All purpose Cleaners, $2.50 (=$7.50 total)
-$3 Use a $3/3 Lysol IN-AD Coupon
-$0.50  Use a $0.50 TWO (2) Lysol® Power & Free Triggers or Lysol® All Purpose Cleaning Triggers
-$0.50 Use a double coupon
Final Price=$3.50 and get a $3 OYNP Coupon
Final Price NET after Calatina=$0.50 for 3 or $0.17 each!!

Then i wanted to make sure this catalina coupon “rolled”, so then I bought,

Buy 3 Lysol Wipes, $2.50 (=$7.50 total)
-$3 Use a $3/3 Lysol IN-AD Coupon
-$3 Used the previous $3 OYNP Catalina
Final Price=$1.50 and get another $3 OYNP Coupon
Final Price NET after Calatina=$1.50 for 3 or $0.50 each!!

You can just buy the wipes in sets of 3, and use the Previous $3 OYNP catalina to pay $1.50 for 3, transaction after transaction….although be nice to those after you!  You wont see them much cheaper than this!!!  Obviously for each product that you choose to buy that you use one of the $0.50/2 coupons with will comes to $0.17 each. 🙂 🙂 🙂

2014-09-26 15.39.37 2014-09-26 15.39.19



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