FREE 3 Musketeers Bites – LOAD TODAY @ Fred Meyer/QFC

Its Freebie time again! Of course if you are following the Facebook page you knew it was coming as I the upcoming freebies every Tuesday! 🙂 And by today I mean, you NEED to load it to your club card today(9/26/14), but have until 10/18/14 to actually redeem it.

So first go here, to the Fred Meyer Digital Coupon Home and sign in. Notice on this webpage you will see the FREE 3 Musketeers Bites e-coupon. Click the “Load to Card”. Voila! You are good to go! The coupon should come off at QFC or Fred Meyers!! Very easy!


This coupon only lets you Get one Free PER Card, but of course if your family had 2 cards……. 😉 Remember you need to add it TODAY to get this deal!

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4 comments to FREE 3 Musketeers Bites – LOAD TODAY @ Fred Meyer/QFC

  • Maja

    I opened my card and than my husband opened his card, but somehow these two cards linked . Both card have different numbers and email address but we share deals and coupons / for example Friday freebie. Only thing we have same is home address and last name… So basically we have one card. What I need to do to open new card and avoid to that one link to other two? Thanks in advance 🙂

  • I don't shop @ Walmart

    My cards don’t have names or addresses. I know that I will newer have enough points to earn rewards on those cards.
    So, just create another account online and as alternative number put previous phone number that you had or make one up that you will remember. I would think that Kroger system is smart enough to let you know if your alternative number is already in use. Actually, you can make up email address also, just DON’T forget your password. It will be more hassle that it worth to retrieve it. Good luck!

  • gdog

    You do not need a phone number. just a email address. 😉 Just use your card. I have many QFC cards, becuase once upon a time they did not have a restriction on how many you could have.

  • Maja

    Thank you for help 🙂

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