$0.24 Fresh Express Salad Kits @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

So Here is a great deal on these Salad kits.  Or basically a great deal on a bag of salad.

Deal Breakdown

  • The everyday regular price on these salad kits are $2.99
  • In the December issue of the FREE Safeway Fresh Ideas Magazine is a $2/1 Coupon(online also!)!
  • Currently and most of the time you can get the $3off/$10 J4U e-coupon added to your card


So First we add the e-coupon to our Safeway card. Log in to your Safeway J4U account, Go to Personalized deals.  Scroll down under Produce, and you should see the coupon  Purchase $10 or more and Save $3 Special offer.  This “produce” coupon works on everything found in grocery area.

Then we go to the online location of the magazine and we print out the $2/1.  Go HERE.  I printed this coupon to a PDF its good until the end of January, and these salad kits go on sale all the time for $1.99, so with this coupon its just FREE salad for a month!  Really!  You need to print this coupon out at 115% of the size.  When you go to print, you can easily change the printer setting to 115% of the normal size.  Unless you have a laser printer, these print out a touch to small for the Safeway scanners, and they wont accept a printable coupon that doesn’t scan.  This will make it so they will scan!  OR you can just pick up the booklet in the store, in the grocery area.  It looks like this, and each store get about 600-1000 of these, so they have plenty.


Then we are ready to buy! Make sure you get or print out 4 coupons.

Go to Safeway buy ANY of the Fresh Express Salad kits =$11.96
the instant -$3 J4U coupon will come off =$8.96
Then use the 4x -$2 Coupons=$0.96 PAY
=$0.96 for 4 bags or $0.24each!!!

The good thing about that $3/$10 J4U coupon is you can use it at least once per day!

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