Cheap ROC Retinol Correxion Wrinkle Serum @ Rite Aid [BEGINNER]

This deal is not FREE, but its a great price on a great product.

Currently there is a Double Dip on UPs+ rewards at Rite Aid.  A Monthly promo and a Weekly one.

There are both triggered at $30.  You get a $10 UP+ reward for weekly AND a $10 UP+ reward for monthly, both once you hit the $30 threshold.

Also they are Buy 1 get the next for %50 off!!

So putting THAT altogether gets you this:

Buy 2 ROC Retinol Correxion Wrinkle Serum @ $21.99 ea(the 2nd one is $10.99, %50 off!)
(the nighttime, normal, daily moisturizer, and the little eye cream serums are included)
This equals =$32.98 total.
Mine also had $3off peelie coupons on them.  This took another -$6 off.
=$26.98  PAY(i used previous UPs+ coupons to pay $0 OOP)
You get back 2 x $10 UPs+ Rewards coupons!(exp 1/3/13)
= NET $6.98 OOP or $3.49 EACH!  Which again is a great price.
If you don’t find the peelie coupons, they come to $6.49 each, which is still a good price.

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