$0.30 32oz Powerade Sports Drinks @ Albertsons [BEGINNER]

So this is a deal that requires no coupons.  The deal has been working for a day or to, so i had to go try it.

Right now at Albertsons, when you buy 10 Fuze or Powerades, the price is $5, $0.50 each(you need to buy 10)

Also a new catalina just started where you Buy 10 participating sports drinks you get a $2 OYNP Catalina

The Catalina details are

Buy 10 of the following participating Sports Drinks
Vitaminwater, Smartwater, Fuze, Powerade ion4(these include the “ZERO” varieties)
and Get a $2 Catalina

So we go buy 10 Fuze or Powerade =$5
Pay $5
We get a $2 OYNP Cat, so our NET OOP is $3. ($0.30 ea for these, which is about the cheapest you’ll see)

You can roll this catalina into another transaction, Pay $3, and get another $2 OYNP(which i did below), again repeat as many times you want.

Cheap and easy! 🙂

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