$0.31 Brown Cow Greek Yogurt & Cheap Sambazon Drinks @ Whole Foods [BEGINNER]

So here is a great deal on the Greek Style Brown Cow Yogurt.

They are $1.19 right now at Whole Foods.
There is  the standard $0.55/1 Real California Milk Coupon(PDF)
and there is a $1/3 Brown Cow Greek Yogurt Whole Foods Coupon

So here is how the deal looks.

Buy 3 Greek Style Brown Cow Yogurt(any of the flavors) =$3.57
Use 3x $0.55 Real California Milk Coupons HERE(print as many as your want)
Use 1x $1/2 Whole Foods Coupon found HERE (scroll down until see the coupon, click the box, hit PRINT, as much as you want!)
=$0.92 for 3 of these.

Whole Foods is VERY wonderful about taking coupons now, so you could buy as many of these in multiple of three as you actually wanted.  Truly! 😉


I am also going to mention more cheap Sambazon

They are $2.39 this week.

As was mentioned before there is a $1/1 Whole Foods Coupon , HERE

If you have already printed out your $2/1 Coupons, There are still other coupons you can print that make these super cheap!

The thing about is that they have different coupons for different regions.  And its REALLY easy to switch regions(and its allowed)

First go HERE  Up in the upper left, it will let you enter a zipcode, Hit “Enter”.  Once you do that, then go HERE

Then click the Beverages catagory.  You should see each of the below, under each unique zipcode.  Remember you can print 2, the first is easy, the second, they make you scroll through all of the coupons to see the one you want again.(Click “More Coupons”, etc)

Enter 03110 for the $2/1 Sambazon Drink Coupon
Enter 77477 for the $1.50/2 Sambazon Drink Coupon
Enter 90210 for the $2/2 Sambazon Drink Coupon
Go HERE for a $1/1 Sambazon Drink Coupon

Since we can print 2 per computer, …thats alot of coupons!

Since they are $2.39 each, and we get to use both the Printable coupons and the whole foods coupons, this is what it looks like

Buy 1 -$2.39  use the $2/1 Printable and the $1/1 Whole Foods = FREE
Buy 2 -$2.39 use the $2/2 Printable and 2 of the $1/1 Whole Foods = $0.78 for 2 ($0.39ea)
Buy 2 -$2.39 use the $1.50/2 Printable and 2 of the $1/1 Whole Foods = $1.28 for 2 ($0.64ea)
Buy 2 -$2.39 use 2 of the $1/1 Printable and 2 of the $1/1 Whole Foods = $0.78 for 2 ($0.39ea)

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