$0.40 Avocados @ Fred Meyer (starting 9/18/16)

Sometime this evening, Thursday Evening, we received a new Avocado Coupon!  We do not generally get Fruit or Veggie coupon, so this coupon will odds are not be around for very long.  We can use it of course at any store, but NEXT week at Fred Meyer the avocados will be cheap, and the B1G1 coupon will make them even cheaper!

Deal Details

$1.49 off one Avocados from Mexico
$0.40 Avocados @ Fred Meyer (starting 9/18/16)

So I can’t actually eat Avocados, sigh, but I do not know what “small” means.  Perhaps buying a “large” avocodo some where else for full price(around $1.50), maybe that would be a better deal.  Or you can use at Trader Joes(although I do not know if their Avocados are form Mexico)  Again print the coupon out before the RESET, and you may get more prints!
Buy 2 x Avocados , $0.79 =($1.58 total)
-$0.79 Use a NEW B1G1 Avocados from Mexico Coupon(Max $1.49)
Final Price=$0.79 for 2(or $0.40ea) after coupon

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2 comments to $0.40 Avocados @ Fred Meyer (starting 9/18/16)

  • Francoise

    Just wanted to mention that the avocados can be had at fm almost free at $.09/2. The bogo ipq automatically takes off the full value of $1.49 when scanned. I see lots of fresh guacomole in my future. ?

  • essentia

    Large avocados are $1.99 this week, so $2.49/2. And they really mean large, easily twice the meat of the smalls. I didn’t have the S* offer but it’s still a decent deal if you go through lots of these.

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