$0.49 Campbell’s Condensed Soup @ Fred Meyer(Starting 9/18/16)

Well, its Fall again!  That means we will start to be bombarded with soup deals.  Anytime the Campbell’s Condensed Soups go under $0.50each, that’s a decent soup price.  Odds are they will get cheaper a few times before the year is out, but this is a deal we can do now! (or at least starting Sunday). Print the coupon out TONIGHT, as hopefully it RESET sometime tomorrow.  Or who knows it could be gone by Sunday.

Deal Details

$0.49 Campbell's Condensed Soup @ Fred Meyer(Starting 9/18/16)
So the coupon states 10.5-11.5oz varieties.  So i’m not sure what flavors that will include.  Who knows it may include MANY of the varieties, even the ones that don’t normally come on sale.  SO print the coupons out now, and wait until Sunday!
Buy 4 Campbell’s Condensed Soup , $0.79 (=$3.16)
-$1.20 Use a $1.20 off any 4 Campbell’s Condensed Soups Coupon
Final Price=$1.96 for 4(or $0.49ea) after coupon

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3 comments to $0.49 Campbell’s Condensed Soup @ Fred Meyer(Starting 9/18/16)

  • JJ

    Does anyone know if this applies to cream of mushroom or cream of chicken soup?

  • essentia

    The varities that work with the iaq are tagged with the sale price of 10/$10. Regular cream of mushroom was not among the tagged, sad to say, but the Healthy Request 98% fat free *barf* was tagged I believe. IIRC, FM will do another iaq a little later this fall just for the cream varities, which means stock up time in this HH. BTW, there’s a $1.20/4 available to load to card now if you’re short on ipqs. The cat machine spit out a $1.50/5 mq when I did the deal Monday. Happy $avings.

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