$0.49 Kraft Shredded Cheese TODAY ONLY! @ Safeaway [BEGINNER]

Here is a GREAT deal on good shredded cheese.  You know, shredded cheese that is actually cheese? 🙂  This deal is only good for today, March 5th, 2013!!

Deal Details

  • The Kraft shredded cheeses are B1G1 this week(ending today)
  • There is a J4U Kraft Shredded Cheese coupon that makes them $1.99 each!
  • There is a $1/1 Kraft Cheese Coupon that we can print!

So basically we get them at $1.99 each with the J4U at the B1G1 promotion, which is $1.99 for 2, and we can use a $1/1 coupon on “one” of those, making them 2 for $0.99! 🙂

First we add the e-coupon to our Safeway card. Log in to your Safeway J4U account, Go to “Coupon Center “. Scroll down under “Dairy, Eggs and Cheese”, and you should see the following coupon, “Add” it to your card.


Then Lets print out the coupon.  This takes a extra step.  UPDATE – Click HERE to directly take you to coupon area, to skip the following! — The coupon in available through another grocery store.  We need to first sign up through that grocery store.  Go HERE.  I made a account.  i chose Alabama, which is where this grocery store is, a zip for there is 36310.  The coupons we get from here, are not ONLY for there.  We just need to make an account to get access to the coupons.  Once you create an account, (they don’t verify info), Click the “Coupons and offers” up top.  It will then take you to where the coupon is.  Choose the Kraft single cheese item, which includes the shredded cheese!  you can print 2 per computer.

You can only do this transaction once per Safeway club card, so we need to print out as many coupons as we can.

So lets say you have 2 computers and you printed out 4 coupons.(you can use the same publix account on both computers) Which means we can buy 8 packs!

So buy 8 packs of Kraft shredded cheese(the Parmesan is included!!)
the $1.99 will instantly be applied to each of the 8
then the B1G1 promo will instantly apply so we are left with paying for “4” @ $1.99each
-$4  use 4 of the $1/1 Kraft shredded coupons
=$3.96  PAY!!
So for $4 we are getting 8 packs of 8oz Cheeses, or 4lbs of cheese for $4 or $1/lb!!

That’s a very good price, as these cheeses freeze VERY well!


thanks for the tip Daryl Ann!

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