Safeway “Cool Deals” March Frozen Food Promotion(UPC List included)

Well, believe it or not, its already Frozen Food Month again.  Thats right, the month of March is Frozen Food Month.  Every year Safeway does a big promotion for the entire month.  This year is no different.

There are 2 choices this year.  Buy $30 worth and get a $10 OYNP Catalina  ..or Buy $20 worth and get a $5 OYNP Catalina.

You can look at the ad for a few of the items on sale, and i will try to post some good scenarios in the next month that takes advantage of this promo!!!  So stay tuned!!


Every year i try to make available the Master UPC List.  HERE it is! 🙂   SO i would double check the items you are buying to see if they are on this list.  If not there is a good chance the Catalina will not print out.  Such as currently there are tags at the store for the Newmans Own products, but they are not on this list, and the catalina doesn’t print!  Which means a few bonus minutes at Customer Service. 🙂

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9 comments to Safeway “Cool Deals” March Frozen Food Promotion(UPC List included)

  • Jim

    I’m hooked on this one. Can I get more than one $10 coupon? Can I apply a $10 coupon to a second $30 purchase?


    • gdog

      Yes, this coupon rolls! 🙂 it is one per transaction, though.

      • Jim

        Confirmed rolling Catalina!

        => Van deKamps fish sticks $2.67/24.6 oz.

        Nothing fancy except the value!

        • Jim

          Sheesh….I’m such a noob. What I meant is this. You can get the $10 coupon more than once. I don’t think you can successfully apply the coupon on $30 more qualifying frozen items.

      • momsnothere

        “yes it rolls” meaning I can apply the $10 CAT to a second transaction of FF and still receive another correct? It’s just a store OYNO right? Sorry hadn’t found deals that I wanted to try this on but a friend has and don’t want to steer her wrong. Thanks much for keeping me shopping for next to nothing!!

  • Michele

    Thanks Superbob, That is quite a list!

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