$1.03 Easy MoneyMaker buying Hallmark Cards @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

Wow!  This is a VERY easy deal to do.  Its a deal that works just like it should!

Deal Details

  • Through 2/14/13 when you buy 3 cards you get a $5 OYNP Catalina Coupon(more details in this weeks ad)
  • There is a $2/3 Hallmark Printable Coupon(facebook coupon that CAN be printed to PDF, not-unique)
  • This $5 OYNP Catalina coupon prints out ONCE the 3rd card is scanned and is a Store Coupon
  • This deal of course rolls VERY nicely!


So what i did is buy 3 x $1.99 cards.  The deal excludes the $0.99 cards, so the next price tier up is $1.99 and $2.00.  Of course you can buy more expensive cards, but to make this deal a MoneyMaker, we stick to the $1.99 ones.

So 3 Hallmark Cards(3x$1.99) =$5.97
-$2  – I used the $2/3 Coupon found HERE
=$3.97 PAY, =NET -$1.03 and you would have already noticed the $5 OYNP Coupon print out.  (If it didnt, something wrong happened, tell them before you pay!)

So i did 2nd transaction.

So i went back and bought another 3 x $1.99 cards, =$5.98,
-$2(i used another Hallmark coupon)
and i bought some cheap steak to cover my overage and test this deal ($1.40)
-$5  – used my previous $5 OYNP CAT
which brought the total to $0.38, PAY and of course i got another $5 OYNP Cat.

I can really roll this deal all day long, making $1 Each transaction, which i can use for veggies or meat! 🙂


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