This is the Week to Buy Chuck Pot Roast –

What kind of title is that?  hehe 🙂  Well it is!  And i don’t even have any pictures!

I don’t know exactly why, but EVERYONE has Chuck Roast on Sale this week.  Here is a Breakdown of some of the Prices:

  • Winco has it for $2.49/lb
  • Safeway has it for $2.69/lb
  • Albertsons has it for $2.99/lb
  • Fred Meyer has it for $2.99/lb

Usually most places have chuck roast, which is generally the best kind of meat for pot roasts(or cut up for stews), for around $4.29 -$5.99/lb.  So these prices this week are literally 50% the normal.  Even Restaurant Depot and Cash & Carry per pound prices(25lb at a time) are around $2.79/lb.  So 2 of these stores are even cheaper than that!!

So i would buy 1 or 2(or more, they freeze well) if this is something you normally buy.  Again, this price happens about 3 times a year!  Now is the time to stock up!

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