$1.72 DiGiorno Pizzas @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

Well, the prices of these have REALLY been fluctuating over the last 3 weeks.  Everybody is trying to be the cheapest.  Well we finally found the lowest price.  This deal doesn’t even involve using paper coupons!!!

Deal Details

  • Starting today the DiGiorno Pizzas are $3.88each, Many Varieties(in itself a very good price)
  • There is a B2G1 loadable J4U e-coupon that you can load to your Safeway Card(will auto take off $6.49!!, the Reg Price for one)

So First we add the e-coupon to our Safeway card. Log in to your Safeway J4U account, Go to “Coupon Center “.  Scroll down under Frozen Foods, and you should see this coupon, “Add” it to your card.



I bought 3 DiGiorno Pizzas @ $3.88each =$11.64
-$6.49, I scanned my card, and it auto took off $6.49!!!
=$5.15, PAY
You are paying $5.15 for 3 DiGiorno Pizzas!!!! (which makes them $1.72 each)

Of course you can do this deal for as many Safeway Cards you have in your family. 🙂

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