$0.05 Brown Cow Yogurt(the Normal Kind) @ Whole Foods [BEGINNER]

Well, i heard from MANY of you that you don’t like the Brown Cow Greek Style Yogurt.ย  Its not my favorite either, but the normal kind?, i really do like.ย  And through TOMORROW(1/31), you can get them for $0.05!!

Deal Details

  • Through 2/12 you can get the Normal Brown Cow Yogurts for 3/$2(or $0.67each)
  • Through tomorrow the $0.55/1 Real California Milk Product Coupon is valid (expires 1/31/13)
  • When we buy a case of anything at Whole Foods, we get an additional %10 off.ย  The Case Amount for these is 12.

Here is a link to the $0.55/1 Real California Product coupon HERE. or you can find it on the Real California Website. Print as many as you need to(i.e. 12) ๐Ÿ™‚


So buy in groups of 12 Brown Cow Yogurt= $8
-$6.60 –ย  Use 12 x $0.55 Real California Milk Coupons
-$0.80 Case discount- you need to ask for this!
=$0.60 Total for 12 Brown Cow Yogurts or $0.05 Each!!!

Since there is not a limit of what you can print, enjoy as many as you want to go home with.

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7 comments to $0.05 Brown Cow Yogurt(the Normal Kind) @ Whole Foods [BEGINNER]

  • Meryl

    I have never couponed at WF. Has anybody tried using multiples in a scenario like this? Is there a store policy to reference? Thank you!

    • gdog

      If you are in the portland area, its super very easy. there is not a written policy, but we have worked hard to make them coupon friendly, and thats kind of set on a per district level. This district(this district manager) is VERY coupon friendly. Multiples are NOT an issue. They stack coupons with no issues(WF and a MQ). When it comes to using a MQ, which this one is, I have had no issues. I would print this coupon out at %115 scale, just to be on the safe side, so you have no issues scanning, that being said, even if it doesnt scan, most store will just take it off! Again, as long as your friendly and patient and…friendly most WFs will just do anything to make you happy. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meryl

    I know what you mean g ๐Ÿ™‚ We don’t have many WFs in my area and you know it takes time to train your stores. I’ve never tried but that’s an awesome deal. I really don’t want to schlep over for just one yogurt or to be met with that ‘are-you-trying-to-steal-from-our-store’ look, lol! Who IS the manu in this case?

    I live in So Cal. I am a friendly patient couponer. Kids are grown- this is my hobby, sort of.

  • gdog

    lol, i dont know. probably the california milk board. that coupon has been around for 3 + years, every year they just make a new one. it USED to beep like crazy, now most store it sails right through. i would call your store. i would talk to your store manager or his/her assistant, and ask them. they will tell you yes or no. if its a maybe, let me know. i wrote out a detailed email years ago to the district manager that seemed to help. i could pass that along to you, if you feel like pursuing it. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Meryl

    Thanks for the offer! I just may experiment with 3 coupons and if they release a current one I could try again as the sale is on until 2/12- IF that’s the case in CA? I would prefer a case but these things take time. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • gdog

    They have a current one.

    This year its only a $0.35/1 coupon. its a PDF. Save it to your computer for the next year. You can give it to them for reference. Tell them that this was last years and it expires tomorrow. which is true!

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