$1.99 Tide 50oz Detergent(Possibly FREE) Starting 6/4 @ Safeway

oooooooooo. I Love deals like this.  Cheap Tide with a side of Possibly FREE!  This kind of deal doesn’t come around all that often!!! This deal is for the Normal Tide after coupons!

Deal Details

  •  The Tide is going to be on sale for $5.99 for the 46-50oz bottles starting 6/4/14
  • There is a IN-AD STORE Coupon for $2/1 Tide detergent 46-50oz (LIMIT 1)
  • There is a $2/1 Tide Detergent Coupon 6/1 P&G
  • There will probably be a $2/1 Tide J4U Loadable STORE Coupon available on 6/4/14!


So this deal is at least $1.99.  Which is a REALLY GREAT deal on normal Tide.

Buy a Tide 46-50oz @ $5.99
Use a $2/1 IN-AD STORE Tide Coupon
Use a $2/1 Tide Detergent Coupon 6/1 P&G
Final Price=$1.99 after coupons

Now IF we get a J4U Loadable $2/1 Tide coupon, we wont know until Wednesday.  But IF we do, 97 out of the last 100 times, these coupons also come off.  And since its a Store coupon, it is not against the rules to use 2 STORE coupons on an item!!  So if there is a J4U coupon the deal will look like this,

Buy a Tide 46-50oz @ $5.99
Use a $2/1 IN-AD STORE Tide Coupon
Use a $2/1 Tide Detergent Coupon 6/1 P&G
Use a $2/1 Tide J4U Loadable Coupon
Final Price=FREE after coupons 🙂 🙂

This deal is limit one(per transaction).  Depending on how this deal plays out and how hard your store gets hit that first morning, your store will probably allow a few transactions in a row(if you had more than one card that is 🙂 )

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3 comments to $1.99 Tide 50oz Detergent(Possibly FREE) Starting 6/4 @ Safeway

  • unfortunately you can only get one free per safeway j4u coupon per card. cuz the limit is one upload. its on my j4u already. but do the actual safeway in store q’s come out wed. in store? im new at tis and confused. plz help me understand

    • gdog

      You are correct! it would be 1 free per card. $1.99 per transaction. most store will let you do more if you are not obnoxious about it.
      is the $2 off J4U a store coupon or Manufacturer coupon? when does it expire? if its a manufacturer coupon and the expiration date is past 6/3, there is a chance there will be NO $2 store coupon. But wednesday is when the every coupon that comes in the ad is added to the J4u coupons.

      (if it is one FREE per card, you have day head start on getting more cards. 🙂 )

  • Mona

    I just loaded it… excellent deal!!!

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