EXPIRED $1 Bag of Doritos/Tostitos(or cheaper) TONIGHT ONLY @ Walgreens [BEGINNER]

Here is a easy deal that requires NO COUPONS! This deal is ONLY Today/Tonight because tomorrow is a new ad cycle at Walgreens, but they always turn on those deal a day early.  What that means is that next weeks ad cycle is overlapping this weeks ad cycle.

Deal Details

  • This Week’s Ad cycle is B1G1 Doritos.
  • Next Weeks Ad cycle is all Doritos and Tostitos are going to be $1.99 each!
  • That means since they are combined today, we get Doritos and Tostitos for $1.99each AND B1G1


So i went and bought 2 bags of Doritos.  They rang up $1.99each, and then $1.99 instantly came off.  So i paid $1.99 for 2 bags or $1 each!!!  No coupons.

Remember i posted yesterday, there is a $1/2 Bags of Doritos Coupon, HERE.  It kind of a pain to get it, requires installing their weird(legit) coupon printer, but if you were to get one of those, and use it, that makes 2 bags for $0.99!!!

With that Football game thing coming next weekend, this will be the cheapest you will see Doritos and Tostitos before then!!

Also if you buy $15 worth today, you get 3000 walgreens points which are the equivalent of $3 cash, if you are collecting the Walgreens points.

(sorry i didn’t have a chance to take a picture of my Doritos!)

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