FREE/Cheap Natrol or Laci Brand Products @ Rite Aid [BEGINNER]

{Update – The Limit is 2 per card!! :-)}

Here is a GREAT deal that hasn’t yet hit the blogosphere yet(meaning go soon to get it on it!).

There is a new Rite Aid UPs+ promo that started today.  When you buy $20 worth of Natrol or Luci(Weight loss teas) and get back a $20 UPs+.  Which means FREE!

These are mostly sleep(melatonin) or other specialized vitamins.  They are the ones in the Purple Bottles.  Here is a picture of all the ones at my store.


So buy any combination of these (or the Laci products) to come close to $20, PAY(or use previous UPs+ for $0 OOP), and you will get a $20 back.  It appears this is once per card.

I bought 2 for $25.38, but i have gold status which is 20% off, so.. my total was $20.38.  i paid using other UPs+, and so i paid $0.38 OOP, and got the UPs.


Anyone can go in, get $20 worth, and get back a $20 UPs+.  if anything this makes for CHEAP Melatonin if you use that.  The store can verify  the items you buy are part of this promo before you pay, ask them!

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