$1 UDI’s Gluten Free Granola @ Safeway [BEGINNER]

So do you have those $3/1 UDI Coupons burning a whole in your pocket?  Well here is a possible outlet! 🙂

Deal Details

  • The UDI Gluten Free Granola is $5.09 this week
  • We of course have the $3/1 UDI Gluten Free Product coupon  (still available!!!)
  • We have a J4U $2/$10 e-Coupon that is  available to everyone


So first lets add the $2 off $10 Gluten Free Products e-coupon on to our Safeway Club Card.  Log in to your Safeway J4U account, Go to “Coupon Center “. Scroll down under “Breakfast & Cereal”, and you should see the following coupon, “Add” it to your card.  This is a one time use coupon, so if you want more, you need to use another Safeway club card 😉


Then We go and buy the items!

Buy 2 UDI Gluten Free Granola @ $5.09 each (=$10.18)
-$2 the $2/$10 instant J4U coupon will come off
-$6 Use 2x $3/1 UDI Gluten Free Coupons
=$2.18 PAY, they come out to $1.09 each!  Great Price for these.


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