$9.28 Money Maker on Bayer Aspirin @ Rite Aid [ADVANCED]

Here is a VERY easy deal to do, if you have 3 computers and 3 Rite Aid cards.  You are allowed 4 cards per household, per Rite Aid rules.  You ONLY need the numbers though.  Again, i said it was easy! 🙂  If you want to do this deal, print the coupons soon, as it will run out soon!

Deal Details

  • The Various Bayer Aspirins 32 ct are $3.29, which are B1G%50
  • There is a Promo where when you spend $30 you get a $10 +UPs Reward
  • There is a $5/2 Bayer Product MQ for Rite Aid, HERE

First let us print out our 6 coupons.  We can print out 2 per computer, hence 3 computers.

Go HERE, Enter in a name and a Rite Aid Card number(from the back of your card).  It will then let you print out 2.  Do this procedure on each of your computers.

You now have your 6x $5/2 Bayer Coupons.

Let us go and get 10x$3.29 Bayer aspirins(These are the 81mg ones).  Let’s also get 2x$3.79 Bayer Aspirin(these are the 325mg ones)

We can only use 4 “like” coupons in one transaction,

So lets first Buy 8 of the Bayers, one of which is the $3.79 =$20.24
use 4 x $5/2 Bayer Coupons
=$0.35 PAY

Then lets Buy/pay for the other 4 aspirins in another transaction.  One of which is a $3.79 bayer.
Use 2 x $5/2 Coupons
=$0.37 PAY
And we will get a $10 +UPs Reward!

This deal keeps “track” of the items we spend towards that $30, that is why we can do it in 2 transactions.  Again, with the coupons, its as easy as paying for the items with our 6 coupons!

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